Posted by: gotjukies | June 2, 2008

First Weekend a SUCCESS… one more to go…

Hey all!

A BIG thanks to all who lent a hand on Saturday and Sunday; You guys made it happen!

Special thanks (in no particular order):

Joanna, Ariana, and Patrick

Geoff, Anthony, Rodney,
Fred, Andy, Patrick, and Ariana

Recruiting Table:
Geoff, Anthony, Rodney,
Fred, Andy, Patrick, and Ariana

Free Lunch (woo hoo) for attending all the masses this past weekend:

Ariana, Joanna

This weekend will be the grand finale… I will again make annoucements at all the masses and provide a little more information into what our summer activities will entail. Hopefully, all of you will be able to help me show the other teens in the parish that hangin’ out in ‘The Loft’ is the place to be… and that even the small group we have now is capable of a lot of fun –no matter what we do.

The recruiting table will have all the same posters and flyers from this past weekend but we’ll also add:

– cookies
– candy
– music (ipod + speakers)
– football

Come to more than two masses and you get to have lunch with me (yay). Come to all the masses and we’ll do lunch + ice cream or jamba juice or starbucks –OR dinner. Take your pick…

Stick around on Sunday after mass for a short fellowship meeting. We’ll talk about restoring The Loft and picking out a group name…



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