Posted by: gotjukies | June 10, 2008

Final Weekend Tally

Well everyone…. we made it through the weekend! And what it weekend it was! The Youth Band & Choir played a total of 4 masses this weekend (grand total of 7 including last weekend) and a few teens manned our Youth Ministry table at every mass. It was absolutely a team effort by everyone involved and it would not have been possible without every single person. From music, to artwork, to reaching out and talking to other teens, this past weekend was a great example of what our Youth Ministry program stands for. Our grand total of teens who have stopped by and signed up (including those of us who’ve been here from the start):


I want to thank a few people for their time and dedication (and making it all happen)….

Made it out to at least one mass:


Made it out to more than two masses (Lunch is on me!):


Made it to ALL the masses (Saturday and Sunday)(Oooh…Dinner!):

Joanna (yay!)

Also special thanks to:

Bob Masik – Helping with setup

I still owe a couple of you from last weekend so make sure you remember to remind me and will come up with something clever, ok?

Hope everyone is enjoying this warm week. Good luck to all of you still studying for finals. You’re almost there!



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