Posted by: gotjukies | June 12, 2008

2008 Summer Kickoff!

Hi there!

If you didn’t know already, we had our first kickoff meeting last Sunday after the 5:30pm youth mass and everyone had a blast! Almost 20 teens showed up and we played a few games, got to know each other a bit, and talked about how we’re gonna do a total makeover on our youth room (aka The Loft) and make it into a hangout spot for all teens in the community.

Thanks to everyone who made it out!

(BTW, all of you who were on winning teams for our games will be rewarded. Stay tuned to our BLOG or come to the next meeting to see how you can claim your prize!)

Anyways, I’ll be giving y’all a call sometime tomorrow or Friday or find out what you’re thoughts are on making youth ministry YOURS AND MINE. It should be more than just a ‘meeting’ or a ‘place’. It should be like another home. Here’s what I’m wondering:

1. What does youth ministry mean to you?
2. What do you want OUR youth ministry to be like?
3. What’s the number one reason of why you’d come back?
4. What’s the number one turn off from coming back?

Let’s make this great… so be honest. No hurt feelings here. Just constructive feedback. Feel free to email your responses, call me, or wait for a call from me (provided I have your phone number and can read your handwriting haha).

Lastly, there is NO meeting this Sunday 6/15 but we will resume and continue throughout the summer on Sunday, June 22nd, right after the 5:30pm youth mass. If you’ve never been to 5:30pm mass, come and listen to our band rock out.

Can’t wait to see you guys (and girls) again. Let’s turn The Loft into an awesome spot…

Peace… and stuff…


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