Posted by: gotjukies | July 10, 2008

Imaginiff…. balloons and BBQs went hand-in-hand

Well, the weather couldn’t have been nicer for our first BBQ as a group! After a mildly patriotic 5:30pm mass (the youth choir did a short rendition of My America/America [My Country Tis Of Thee]), we all headed out to the back of the school playground for an evening of fellowship under the sun. Our balloon icebreaker was a frantic hard-fought affair that was eventually won by Kathleen, David, Joanna, Dominique, Rodney, and Gary. Forced to retrieve as many balloons as possible without using their hands, each pair of teammates were linked back-to-back and discovered that teamwork through constant communication was essential.

With all hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling away on the grill, we had a great time playing a little basketball, getting competitive playing ‘Uno’, and learning how people’s perception of us can influence our thoughts and decisions through a board game called ‘Imaginiff’. Continuing on with our Relationship Theme for July, we’ll be tackling relationships among peers and friends this week. Drop on by and share your thoughts at 4:30 on Thursday.




  1. The burgers were juicy!! Almost like In-and-Out pero, más mejor!!

  2. Haha… you know you like ’em grillin’ skills…

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