Posted by: gotjukies | July 29, 2008

Putting the YOUTH back into YOUTH MASS

The irony here is that for years now, Resurrection’s 5:30pm mass has unofficially been referred to as the youth mass but honestly… How youth is it?

Youth Mass Musicians

Youth Mass Musicians

Ok, so we have a youth band & choir that plays every Sunday. It’s complete with guitar, bass, drums, congas, and many young voices. So we’re done right? 100 percent bonafide FDA approved youth mass right?

Wrong! A youthful mass is not just because lots of youth are attending the liturgy. Rather, a joven mass is one that is not so caught up with how many teens are present but has youth from the parish participating in a visual and audible way. Many would agree that a good youth liturgy allows teens to reach out to other teens sitting in the pews through meaningful prayer, song, and Eucharist that all can relate to.

Think about this for a second. Imagine attending a rock concert where the band was only able to play some of its famous songs on the radio. And for the ones that were too hard to play live, imagine the band popping in a CD recording. What would happen to your level of respect for them? What kind of faith would you have in their ability to perform?

You see, the complete youth mass experience can only be realized in its entirety if the mass is all things youth, from start to finish. It doesn’t have to be fancy with flashing lights, hours of training, or professional singers. To be honest, all it takes is for everyone to do a small part. Be it greeting other teens and families before mass, to proclaiming the good word in a way that sounds like it’s…. well… GOOD.

Some of you have already contacted me about proclaiming, singing, ushering, greeting, and even becoming Eucharistic Ministers. We’re really not far off from making 5:30pm mass a meaningful liturgy for all of us every Sunday. And of course, enjoying each other’s company while we do it. Things are always more fun with more people isn’t it?

What do you think?



  1. I think that picture of me up there looks very hot!…but i agree with all your points…awesome pic.

  2. Oh PLEASE…. everyone knows that…

    Anthony looks hotter.

  3. 1st: You guys are silly, the whole thing doesn’t look good without ME (LOL just playing around.)

    2nd: T-T I miss church

    3rd: Yes, yes. Quality, not quantity? I think that’s the phrase. I myself don’t like big groups either if it’s not an actual community.

    4rth: Is Ariana cantoring yet?

  4. 1st: Agreed.

    2nd: We miss you too!

    3rd: Good phrase!

    4th: Yepperz. Ariana were up at the ambo last weekend and will be doing it again this week.

  5. I think I look the hottest, thank you very much.

    But seriously, I totally agree, a mass with tons of teen participation would be totally kick*YOUTHGROUP*. Just as long as we don’t fall into the trap of having a lot of people participating who don’t want to participate (the quality not quantity thing again). But yeah, totally agree!!

  6. Haha. YOUTH GROUP!!!

    I’ll let you guys duke out the ‘hottest’ award. But yeah, I’m not about forcing people to do something against their will. I’m all about making the experience better for those who *want* to be there. Who knows, it may start rubbing off on those who are *forced* to be there….

  7. Anyone know where Kathleen (Kath on Rock Band) has been?

  8. dude, i’ve been in mexico for a week . . . i’ll be at church tomorrow – and i definately want to do some reading for the youth mass if possible . . . and the hottest award definately needs to go to my friend’s new love Carlito

  9. …Carlito?

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