Posted by: gotjukies | August 4, 2008

Ok, seriously… Apples-to-Apples… Skill, or pure luck?

Congrats to Matlynn who managed to beat an entire rowdy group of 14 teens at Apples-to-Apples at our Sunday Night Live Fellowship meeting. The question begs to be asked though: Skill? Or just plain luck? Maybe if Matlynn ever figures out where the On/Off switch on her computer is she’ll finally sign in and defend herself here 😛

Apples to Apples... to Apples... Oh My!

Apples to Apples... to Apples... Oh My!

Also, a special welcome to Elaine and Kate. Kate is visiting us all the way from Denver, Colorado but apparently attended Resurrection School as a kindergartener many moons ago. Welcome to both!

Kudos to Ariana, Rodney, and Kathleen for finding us new friends after mass today. Thas how we roe…


Don’t forget: Friday, August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a holy day of obligation. Come get your fill of Mary songs. Also, the following Friday, August 22nd, is a memorial mass for Fr. Mike O’Connor who passed away recently. Please join us in celebrating the life of a very special Irishman. Check out the Resurrection Parish calendar for more details.

Oh, and August 23rd of course… mwahaha…

Peace out for now,




  1. New friends eh? O.o

    I hope I don’t scare them away.

    Cya’ll on Thursday so I can do some Journalism cram work and hang out with the cats at the LOFT


  2. Yay! You’re back!

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