Posted by: gotjukies | August 9, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Anyone catch the olympic opening ceremony yesterday? Holy moly there were a lot of people. I learned lots of new countries, haha. Some countries have populations less than that of Sunnyvale! How proud would you be if you were from a small country and got to be on a world stage waving your nation’s flag? Can you believe the U.S. sent over 600 athletes to the games? How do you think people in the international community view Americans? What do you think went through their minds when the U.S. was announced? What do the Chinese think? The Iraqi delegation? The French? How about the Palestinians?

The Official Site of the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, China



  1. Perhaps intimidated? But I’m kind of skeptical, because sometimes, it just feels like China’s going to take over anytime while we are breathing.

    Other than that, during Journalism Camp, we watched a swim relay that had Phelpy (Michael Phelps) in it, and how USA beat France by a miracle underdog (John Liza?). Swimmers resemble fish. Very big and strong fish. Okay…whales? eels?

    Anyway, if I was from a miniature country and on TV representing my country, I’d totally rock my pride out and probably paint myself my country’s colors…

    BTW, there are some people who don’t know what the Philippines is. Wow.

  2. Ok, not knowing the Philippines seemed really pathetic to me at first, but then I remembered that lots of Americanos don’t really bother with/have the chance to learn much about other cultures. We’re so inundated with the idea that we are supreme and have the best country ever and don’t need to learn other languages and cultures because they come to us and become like us. It’s very very sad, which is why I’m going to win the lottery and travel the world so that I can be cool.
    And the American swimmers are awesome!! Jason Lezak is super cool, and I loved that he got to finish off the final relay as well as that amazing comeback against the French. Also, I wish I knew Michael Phelps’ mom, because she is hilarious.

  3. OH, and good job Jonathan on posting lots of things recently!

  4. Thanks mom. Am I posting enough for you now?

  5. LOL.

    Kathleen Banks = mom.

  6. Dude… that Jamaican guy 0wned…

  7. dude..Usain Bolt is the man…he starts celebrating and chest thumping way before the end of the 100m sprint..that is awesome. he knows he’s the best and everyone else knows he’s the best…

    in other aint bragging if you can back it up..

  8. Whatever….that’s still bragging…

    What if he kept his head down, shaved a few milliseconds off the world record time?

    What if he acted like it was no big deal? How much more respect would his peers have for him? The young kids watching on TV?

    That said, he’s faaaaaast….

    I’m fast too…..without the ‘s’ though…

  9. i think i resent that . . .

  10. Haha. Bolt was chided by the IOC for disrespecting the other runners. Eat that Fred.

  11. Woo hoo! USA Redeem Team takes gold in men’s basketball. Men’s volleyball to play for gold tonight.

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