Posted by: gotjukies | August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Fred and Good Luck Rodney!

Since there is NO SNL Meeting on August 31st, this Sunday will be Rodney’s last mass with the youth band at the 5:30pm mass 😦 Rodney will be going down south to attend classes but will hopefully be back sometime before 2009. I’d like to personally thank Rodney for all dedication to youth music ministry and on behalf of everyone in RYM, we’d like to wish Rodney lots of luck and may the Lord keep him and bless him. You will be missed! sho....

Rodney: "Dude, and then like....yeah" Fred: "What?! No way... thas crazy!" Rodney: "Fo sho dawg... fo sho..."

Also, our too-cool-for-school, sunglass-wearing, mirror-loving bass player will be celebrating the BIG 21 on August 31st. Since we won’t be meeting, we’ll be hosting a birthday/going away party for both Rodney and Fred THIS SUNDAY, August 24th. Come on out for some fun & food!

FRED should be a verb in the next version of Webster's

FRED should be a verb in the next version of Webster's

BTW, A yooof grooop welcome goes out to Lexi! Hi! 🙂



  1. rodney is one hits those bongos with rythm quite like this guy..

    and yes FRED should be a fact FRED should also be a new color.

    the color FRED …cuz it was right said fred..

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