Posted by: gotjukies | August 25, 2008

Beach Bash 2008: A big splash!

Thanks to everyone who made it out on Saturday to celebrate the end of our first summer of RYM. The day was full of bright sunshine, good eats, and swimming in the salty sea. Highlights include Nick impressing us all with his volleyball skills, tasty ‘beach burgers’, the human pyramid of ‘not-so-grown-men’ , shouts of “tiiiiiime…” during Taboo and “yoof group” throughout the day, and of course, going head first into the Pacific Ocean. As evening approached, we started our bonfire off by spending a few minutes in silence to reflect on the upcoming school year. After a bit of journal writing in our new notebooks, we finished off the evening most appropriately: S’mores FTW!

Some of the pictures have already been uploaded so check ’em out here or click on the Flickr sidebar to the right of this article. To those of you who couldn’t make it out: Don’t fret! Next year’s beach bash is shaping up to be even bigger and better, especially since we’ll have a whole year to plan it out! Special thanks to Fred for providing various picnic items and a big thanks to all parents who helped with carpools. It may sound cliche but: We couldn’t have done it without you!


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