Posted by: gotjukies | August 25, 2008

Our Fall Kickoff Weekend is just around the corner…

Are you ready?

Yes, you!

Yes, you!

September 6th and 7th is coming up really soon and preparations are in full swing. Have you signed up to help? Still many spots open to help with greeting at the doors, manning our RYM table, and helping to bake and sell cookies. Contact Ariana or for more information or to sign-up. It’s always more fun with more people!

So here’s what we got goin’ on that weekend:

Sept. 6th: Afternoon baking session with help from the Resurrection Women’s Group
5:00pm Mass – With music from the Youth Band & Choir
Immediately following the mass, we’ll be hanging out and selling cookies

Sept. 7th: After the 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am, and 5:30pm masses, we’ll all be
hanging out, selling cookies, and taking sign-ups
Youth Band & Choir will provide music for all four masses

Sept. 7th: After we’re done meeting people and selling baked goods after the 5:30pm
mass, we’ll mosey on over to the bbq pits in the back of the school for
our “Welcome Back” bbq.
Food, games, and fellowship –the trifecta.

A more detailed schedule will be available soon so check with Jonathan or Ariana, or email

See you out there!



  1. Thanks to everyone who has signed up for masses already. Remember: the more teens we have at every mass, the more solidarity we show. That in turns shows that we’re all about supporting each other and not just the program.

  2. Great Website!!
    I’m sooooo impressed! Wonderful job…..!!!

  3. I miss youth group. My life already has a missing hole in it where youth group used to be. And it’s just akward to not have to be at the LOFT almost everyday of my life. I don’t think it’s normal.

    But anyways, I’ll see everyone at the LOFT, I need to refurbish old posters with my RYM comrades.

  4. Oh Jo-er… Patience young padwan. We’ll be back soon enough… Think of it as a chance to recharge your batteries. Come back fresh an’ all…

  5. Thanks Patricia! Nice knowing that other members of the parish community are finding our blog helpful as well.

  6. umm…. so Joanna keeps telling me we’re not doing the music for 8:30 on the 7th, but here it says we are . . . which is correct?
    Also, I think I can still make it just on time for the 5:30 Mass, but I have a soccer game at 3 [I’m going with about 80 minutes for the game, plus some because it’s never exact = done around 4:30, 4:45 – then I’ll rush home, shower, and return by about 5/5:15]. Just because I’m sure you all want to know my exact schedule:) [I’m that important]

  7. We are NOT doing music for the 8:30am mass. Are you kidding? I’m barely awake at that time and singing would just be bad.

  8. Yes, you are that important. Just like everyone else.

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