Posted by: gotjukies | August 29, 2008

Happy Friday Everyone!

Just wanted to say HI to all of you to returning school… So… HI! And how goes it? Better than you had hoped for? Scarier than you thought it would be? Easy? Hard?

I’ve been chugging away in The LoFT taking care of little things. Our posters came in so they’ll be going up soon. Yay. I also attended orientation day for all Diocese Youth Leaders and met some new friends. They’ll be great resources as we go forward with our ministry and I’m sure we’ll have opportunities to cross paths with their groups from their various parishes. The youth band & choir has already begun rehearsing music for the kickoff weekend and a ‘shout out’ has to go to Patrick for being a stand out. He’s been coming to rehearsals diligently and has been rewarded with some really neat parts and harmonies. He’ll even be venturing up to the ambo for the psalm next Sunday!

At the orientation day mass, Fr. Brendan had a really neat analogy. He asked if we’ve ever been out in rain when it was only lightly sprinkling and you can see the water ‘beading’ on your clothing. Then, when you step inside, you do a firm shake of your jacket or shirt and the water just kind of ‘pops’ right off. He challenged all of us listening to the Gospel every Sunday to not do the same thing with the Word of Christ. Do you merely let the words and sentences collect in your ears or mind only to shake it all off as soon as you leave mass? Do you read it and study it, only to shake it off when you live your daily life? To really allow the Word to come alive in us, we must not just hear it, but absorb it, reflect on it, and radiate it back outwards to those around us.

Next week we’ll be starting to prepare for the kickoff weekend festivities so if you’re involved with preparations and need to stop by to take care of things, let me know. I can also provide you with other members’ contact information.

Have a great Labor Day weekend! Stay cool…



  1. Should I be coming to music rehearsals? Aka when are they so I can see if I can.

  2. You most definitely should. I mean, not like that… like you sing bad or anything. Say that was a trick question wasn’t it?

    It’s on Tuesday’s from 6:30-8:00pm.

  3. yes!..the more people coming to rehearsal to practice teh better we sound as a group!

    although Mr.Fred here needs to learn how to back up and not drown out the others….lol

  4. hahaha it really wasn’t a trick question – i should definately be able to make Tuesdays. Good stuff.

  5. You missed out yesterday. We’ve got a whole little choir going… Melly, Ariana, Joanna, Patrick, Andy, and now you….

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