Posted by: gotjukies | September 3, 2008

CotR Parish Community Update

If you guys missed it, the Church of the Resurrection Parish Community Update Newsletter was emailed out to parishoners on August 22nd. What’s the big deal? We are! Here’s an excerpt of the article that I not so carefully crafted:

Summer 2008 saw the resurgence of Youth Ministry here at Resurrection Parish. In the past few months, the youth ministry program has been slowly ramping up, preparing to make its full presence known. The summer started with a recruiting weekend that saw over 25 teens approach the youth ministry booth after the various masses to sign up. Many were visibly skeptical, others were buoyantly optimistic. Regardless, many of the teens defied any apprehension and began meeting on Sundays after the 5:30pm mass. Teens started realizing in a hurry that Resurrection Youth Ministry (RYM) was decidedly different. Now, if we fast forward to the end of summer, we’ll find that many of the doubts have been cast aside. Where there was skepticism, there is now hope and vested interest. Where there once was a ‘youth room’, there is now “The LoFT”: a fully-furnished teen haven complete with space for gatherings, amenities like a fully stocked refrigerator, and all sorts of recreational board games, video games, and sports equipment. Where there once was an empty room, we can now see The LoFT full of life during weekly fellowship meetings (dubbed Sunday Night Live or SNL), recreational drop-ins where teens can relax and enjoy the company of others, and Teen Topic Discussions where the ‘real’ issues that plague teens today are discussed. Where teenagers used to simply attend Resurrection Parish, they now have the ability to bond and grow together in Christ, the opportunity to build relationships, and an identity among our diverse community. Teens participating in the RYM program come from all sorts of backgrounds and schools. We have students from the public school system, catholic educated students, international students, incoming freshman, students taking their senior year at a local community college, aspiring student-athletes, musicians… the list goes on and on. Most importantly, where there once was the question, “What is Resurrection Youth Ministry?” there are now infinite answers and possibilities.

So, “What is Resurrection Youth Ministry?”

Resurrection Youth Ministry is ME. I AM Resurrection Youth Ministry.



  1. FIRST!!!!

    Mmm… food…

    I will just answer your question simply. RYM is a unit. And the reason I chose to call it that, is like you said, we are all different, yet united, so RYM can’t be called anything different.

  2. SECOND!!!

    Amen to that brother. Preach on.

  3. Unit, united – there’s a reason those words are so similar. Go youth group family.

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