Posted by: gotjukies | September 3, 2008

Sometimes, we must remember it is God’s will… Not ours…

I am not allowed to disclose the full details….

But the baby sister of a close friend of mine has been admitted to a hospital within the last few hours. She is pregnant, and her baby’s due date is very soon. Through circumstances which I was not made privy to, and for reasons no one can comprehend, the doctors have given her baby a 0.1% chance of survival and if she decides to go through with the natural birth, the doctors also have predicted that her survival rate as the mother is less than 1.0%. I do not know what decision she and her husband have come to, but I do know that she is the sister of a good friend of mine, and that she and her husband were married at Resurrection not too long ago.

I’d like to ask that we all pull together and pray for both mom and baby at this time.



  1. That’s horrible . . . I’ve always found it most devastating when the young and innocent seem to bear the brunt of troubles. I will definately be praying for them.

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