Posted by: gotjukies | September 8, 2008

Our S.N.L. group is on FIRE! Our BBQ grill? Not so much…

Hey all. Thanks to everyone who made it out this past weekend. I know it’s cliche but none of it would have been possible without all of your help. From the setup, to the selling, to the reaching out to new faces, to the cleanup: You guys (and gals) made it all happen. All I did was strum my guitar while doing my best Sheryl Crow impression at mass. Special thanks to our Resources & Facilities Team. They did a bang-up job in prepping and tearing down. MVP award for the weekend goes to Nick D. *applause* His dedication starting on Friday led to the successful bake-off on Saturday. He was also our version of ‘Ebeneezer Scrooge’, handling all the money and making sure the pricing was reasonable. Again, hats off to you Nick.

So after all that hard work, the plan was to reward everyone with a casual BBQ after the 5:30pm mass. We even had donations of food and drink from the 10:00am choir so everything was shaping up to be quite a cookout. That is, until we ran into a few ‘minor’ inconveniences… Ok, so apparently you need a fire to cook hamburgers. Well, a hotter one than the one we had. And then, some knucklehead youth minister/youth band leader (I’m not saying who… but you might just know him) decides it would be fun to lock his keys in the church. Two trips to the church, two to the rectory, one credit card and steel wire spool, and one greasy car window later, we were finally able to get into the church and recover ‘the lost ark’. As for the hamburgers, well… night quickly settled in and despite valiant efforts from our resident BBQ expert Neil, the burgers had to be saved for a later date.

And that’s not even the craziest part yet….

You see, despite the long day of baked goods, ‘rumbly-in-people’s-tummys’ (it’s my one Pooh Bear reference, I promise), and Indiana Jones’ Raiders of The Missing Keys, none of it seemed to bother anyone. Our games went on as planned and we had our fair share of laughs, spills, and good ol’ fashion fun. We welcomed six new faces and by the end of the evening, it was as if we’d been friends all summer (Translation: the joke ‘Your face is….’ was no longer offensive). I for one still feel awful about the botched BBQ and I promise to make it up to everyone one of these Sundays. You guys definitely earned it. Sorry 😦

Anyways, our schedule for the next few months looks like this:

Mondays and Thursdays – Study Hall
2:00pm – 7:00pm

Tuesdays – Youth Band & Choir Rehearsal
6:30pm – 8:00pm – Singers
7:30pm – 9:00pm – Instrumentalists

Thursdays – Teen Topic Discussion / Bible Study
7:30pm – 8:30pm

Sundays – Sunday Night Live (S.N.L.) Fellowship Meeting
6:45pm – 8:30pm (starts in the church)

All of the events with the exception of the music rehearsals take place at The LoFT.

Thanks again to all who contributed this weekend:

Nick D.
Nick S.

And of course a BIG (well, maybe not Texas BIG) welcome to all our new friends:

Nick S.

And remember…
Q: What’s better than one person sitting in a chair?
A: Seven standing on it.

That’s it for now… See y’all around!



  1. Hahaha….oh stories, stories, stories for the past…

  2. I’m pretty sure of the Res Youth Group pact is that we have to block it all out of our memory later..

  3. but i don’t want to block this out, i want to rembember it forever and ever (amen)

  4. okay George…

  5. Dahhhhh…. I wanna pet da rabbuts George….

  6. george?

  7. @Kathleen: Your lack of respect for Steinbeck is appalling.

  8. i haven’t really read much steinbeck, i’m afraid

  9. @Kathleen:

    Be afraid…..

    ….be vewy vewy afwaid….

    ….’cause I’m huntin’ Wabbits.

  10. now i think you’re just making fun of me

  11. @Kathleen:

    “You say that I am.”

  12. Actually.

  13. i am feeling put down and beset on all sides, and i want you to know that i am sticking my tongue out at your childish taunting

  14. @Kathleen:

    Wait wait…..

    You’re sticking out your tongue at OUR childish taunting?


  15. Only way this could be better is if there was popcorn. I’mma go get some and be riiiight back.

  16. eyyy, i’m eating popcorn right now! how cool is that?

  17. considering I just spent 5 hours studying for chem, i’mma guess its slightly higher than 273.15 degrees Kelvin.

  18. @Nick:

    I’m gonna issue a general “nerd alert” here

    It’s only a ‘general’ alert and not imminent threat because there’s no such thing as “degrees Kelvin”. Kelvins are a measure in and of itself. You can say 273.15 Kelvins. It’s kinda like saying 45 knots per hour (knots = nautical miles per hour) which means 45 nautical miles per hour per hour.

  19. What I said is redundant, what you said is wrong. 45 nautical miles per hour per hour is different than 45 nautical miles per hour. X Kelvin is equal to X degrees Kelvin.

  20. @Nick:

    I’m not wrong if I intended to mean speed, not acceleration.

    I too am being redundant if I say knots per hour when I am referring to a speed.

  21. Nietzsche is dead.

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