Posted by: gotjukies | September 8, 2008

RYM Bake Sale Wrap-up

Well, our first parish-wide fundraiser has come and gone… and all I can say is:


So many goodies!

Although the student-members of our ministry did most of the selling all weekend long, the amount of pre-sale preparations and baked goods donations by various parish groups were astounding! To top it all off, Resurrection Parishioners responded with open hearts and offered their support by buying all types of baked goods at all the masses. Hats off to the entire parish community for coming out in full force; It was undeniably a concerted team effort.

The donated baked goods came from a multitude of sources and varied in all shapes and sizes. We had small cookies, big cookies, mini-cupcakes with nuts, full-sized cupcakes loaded with frosting. We had brownies, lemon bars, pies, rice krispy treats, banana bread… the list goes on and on. We even had a cart replete with coffee, tea, water, and lemonade.

Aside from fundraising for 2009 Youth Day at the LA Religious Education Congress, the bake sale put on by Resurrection Youth Ministry had two other secondary purposes. The first was to further expose our ministry to other teen students in our parish community and provide them with an opportunity to meet us in person. Hearing about youth ministry is one thing, but encountering the people and learning about the experience firsthand is much more convincing. We succeeded in reaching out to a whole new group of students attending Resurrection Parish Masses and many of them stayed for our barbecue on Sunday evening.

The second auxiliary purpose was to just plain put the ‘people’ back in ‘our community’. It was a wonderful weekend of meeting new faces, young and old, and learning more about the people you end up sitting next to on Sunday mornings. Some ministry students handed out lollipops to younger children while other students chatted with adults and even charter members about the fledgling youth ministry program. Members of the Resurrection Community who don’t even have students eligible to sign-up for youth ministry took the opportunity to converse with the teens, learn about the multiple facets of the program, and even share a laugh. This to me, is where the real  ‘magic’ work is done: Young and old reconnecting, respecting each other’s differences while proudly reminding ourselves that we all share the same core beliefs.

The thank you list, as you can imagine, is long and rightfully so. We’d like to recognize those who made a contribution or donation at any time throughout the process. From kitchens, to advice, to monetary contributions (many made cash donations without leaving a name), we absolutely appreciate the generosity of our parish and hope to serve the same people with the same kindness they showed us this past weekend. Again, thank you to all who were involved. Your generosity will go along way in supporting our ministry. Check back for updates once the final tally is complete for more details on where the funds will be helping out RYM. In the meantime, we will keep all our supporters in our prayers.

Click on our Flickr sidebar to the right of this page for more pics from the weekend.

And remember…. God is good!?

Why yes… ALL the time!




  2. ALL THE TIME!!!

  3. BY THE WAY, my hair smelt like smoke all day today from our pyro-adventures.

  4. Well, at least the passenger side window of your car doesn’t have hamburger grease smeared all over it… 😛

  5. oh yeh . . . . sorry about that

  6. No worries… that was a randomly…. hyperactive night…

  7. Oh man…er…that can be removed my rubbing alcohol, perhaps…

  8. i loved that night . .. joanna, why were you up at 4 in the morning?

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