Posted by: gotjukies | September 15, 2008

“Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays”

Just kidding… Happy Monday! (Unless you’re Garfield)

Football season is upon us! 49ers and Raiders both winning on the same weekend? Normally that would be crazy-talk, but it kind of happened yesterday. Niners eeking one out in overtime over the wide-receiverless Seattle Seahawks while the Raiders put a beat down (300 yards on offense?) on the hapless Kansas City Chiefs –at Arrowhead Stadium no less. How about the San Diego Chargers getting totally cheated on a blown fumble call by the refs. The Broncos ended up keeping the ball on what was ruled an incomplete pass, they scored a touchdown, went for the 2-point conversion with 24 seconds left in the game, and ended up winning 39-38. Wowwwww…..

“That’s great but uhh, who da ‘Chefs’?”

“Great googly moogly….”

Giants took another series from the miserable Padres as Pablo Sandoval bailed out a poor outing by Barry Zito. Before you start groaning “uhhhhh Zitoooooo”, he’s had some quality starts in his last few outings so hopefully this was just a bad day. Besides, they did end up winning in 10 innings and moved into 3rd place behind the Diamondbacks and first place Dodgers in a pretty lame NL West. No playoffs for the Gigantes this year but hey, they’ve been a lot more watchable this year than I thought they’d be.

Grr… Pac-10 football should of stayed in bed this past weekend. UCLA was blown out by BYU 59-0. Yikes. Other than USC being, well… USC and beating the Ohio State Buckeyes, and Oregon squeaking one by in overtime, Arizona State, Cal, Washington, and Stanford all took it on the chin.

Ahh but San Jose State beat San Diego State. Can’t forget the Spartans.



  1. FIRST!!!

    Go San Jose State! THIS… IS… SPARTA! (lol it works)

    Being a A’s fan, I laugh whenever Zito gets a loss. HAHAHAHAHA GIANTS YOU PAYED $126 MILLION FOR HIM AND HE LOSES ALL THE TIME!!!

  2. FORTY-NINERS!!!!!! rockin’ it all the way – we’re winning the superbowl this year.

  3. I wouldn’t bet MY money on it, but who am I to see the future?

  4. Umm….are we talking about the same Niners here? Kathleen: Are you sure you’re feeling ok? Maybe fever came back?

  5. as long as New England keeps on happy….lol @ mangini and favre..losing to a brady-less patriots.

  6. who is god? [and i’d better not get some mysterious philosophical answer. please]
    ha. ha. ha.
    optimism is a good thing, you should try it.

  7. @Fred: Bandwagon much?

  8. You know, for creating you, you don’t seem to pay me nearly as much respect as you should. Why can’t I have a philosophical answer? Why do I have to have an answer at all, oh ye of little faith?

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  10. all i have to say is JTO JTO JTO
    wow, JT O’Sullivan has not failed… yet

    just hope the 49ers ldon’t lose the next 13 straight… it’s definately possible… look at last year

  11. HAha….but the Niners have Martz this year….

    He’s obviously been the difference maker this year. Talent level isn’t a whole lot better this year.

  12. I’m going to the Giants game on Friday.
    I’m gonna watch the Dud-gers.
    I’m gonna see baseball one last time this year.

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