Posted by: gotjukies | September 22, 2008

St. Vincent de Paul Service Project Opportunities

What up, yo? Sorry, I still haven’t gotten over that whole ‘yo’ thing yet. Anyways, I spoke with Vincent McCaffrey from the St. Vincent de Paul Society on Sunday after the 10:00am mass

— EDIT —-

Miss Kathleen wanted me to let you know that she did indeed contact Vincent before I did. She was merely an hour earlier and we’re basically on the same team here….. but I thought I’d just point out the important distinction that she talked to Vincent first. Before I did. At 9:30am. I did at 11:00am. Be sure to give her appropriate recognition and praise next time she graces you with her presence.

— EDIT —

and learned about some awesome opportunities for service and outreach projects for RYM. We chatted briefly about the different projects that SVDP undertakes throughout the year. For those who don’t already know, the St. Vincent de Paul Society is a Catholic organization dedicated to works of charity for the poor and needy. The focus of its work is to identify the needy within our parish and offer assistance to them.

If you’ve never had the chance to work with those who really need your help, this is a great opportunity. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment and can qualify as service hours if your high school requires them. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and donating a few hours can be an eye opening experience. Oddly enough, with enough people, the whole experience can be really fun as well.

I told Vincent I’d run the different projects by you guys and gals to see what interests us. Sound off by posting a comment below…..

Help SVDP publicize Canned Food Collection
Our ministry would support SVDP once every other month by advertizing a reoccuring canned-food-collection-weekend. We would create a bulletin article, create handouts, and setup a table after all the masses.
Commitment:  2 hours every other month on a Sunday

Some type of Food Packing/Collection/Delivery (once near Thanksgiving, once during Lent, maybe again during summer months?)
Retrieve, collect, or sort food donations. Even help deliver if interested.
Commitment: anywhere between 1-3 hours on a Saturday. Probably twice or three times a year.

What do you guys think? I did food sorting and delivery in East Palo Alto one year with a bunch of friends and it was really rewarding and fun at the same time.

Peace…. and stuff.



  1. sounds awesome!!! if we can get a lot of people to work on a given Saturday with food packing, that would be tons o’ fun. i helped deliver once, and the people there were really grateful

    does anyone else find it funny that the St. Vincent de Paul guy is named Vincent? lolerz

  2. i don’t see any worship of my superior service signing up skills here . . . but i verily like your suggestions for what we do

  3. @Geoff:

    Actually, yeah! The first time I met Vincent I was like, “Uhh, that’s a joke right?”

  4. @Kathleen:

    Article has been modified. Sheesh.

  5. 🙂 thankee kindly

  6. I forgot to include the sarcasm tags on the last sentence of the edit.

  7. ALL THE TIME!!!

  8. i reject your negativity and live in a world of joy

  9. GOD IS GOOD!!!

    Ha beat y’all

  10. @Kathleen:

    And that’s what makes you Kathleen, Kathleen.

  11. Why, I don’t know what to say! Thank you!

    Course, some people that I created don’t have maps. My bad, that’s an oversight on my part.

  12. god may be good, but he’s also very berry confusing

  13. I’ve always thought of myself as a blue raspberry fellow personally.

  14. wow. that’s all i have to say

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