Posted by: gotjukies | September 24, 2008

I’m no Martha Stewart but… Perhaps our room could use a tiny bit o’ paint?

At today’s staff meeting with our fearless pastor Fr. Bob, I mentioned that inquring minds (that would be us) would like to know if painting the room would be possible, if even allowed. After some money exchanged hands under the table (just kidding), it was agreed that we would come up with some suggestions as to exactly how we would repaint the room. Translation: IT MIGHT HAPPEN JUST YET!!!

There are only a few things we need to keep in mind:

1. Cost

2. Time Commitment (are we really going to do a good job… all the way to the end?)

3. And most importantly, the redesign will only be approved if the colors and designs we choose are appropriate and decent enough for ALL other parish and school functions to take place in our room. Translation: If someone outside of youth group walks into our room and has a heart attack, it’s probably not gonna fly. Or, if someone walks into our room and immediately drops to their knees and begins reciting the rosary, that’s probably not gonna work either.

Here’s our chance! Let’s brainstorm and brighten up the place!



  1. I’m thinking hippie crazy phycadellicness…
    but that may not fly…

  2. I vote for Purple

  3. sweet! i propose that we at least paint a tasteful, happy mural/scene on that wall behind the stairs/fridge.

  4. I never realized how annoying those animated pictures are.

  5. A “holy” cow on a cloud, in all flaming leather, with a halo, rocking out on a ridiculously awesome guitar. Make it happen people!

  6. I approve of the holy cow and guitar

  7. Hehe. I was kidding, but if it was more modest it would be pretty cool actually.

  8. I approve of the leather

  9. hey jonathan,

    we should hold a contest… then vote on it
    and submit the best 2 to that committee and they decide

  10. Good idea Alex.

    You ARE the “idea guy”.

  11. Doooood…. what if we opened it up to the whole parish?

    Tell people that they can submit a detailed written proposal or better yet, a drawing on an 8.5X11 sheet of paper.

    Winner gets to have RYM do something for them e.g. yard work, babysit their kids, etc

  12. Um, great idea till either
    A) we get 200 papers that say “green”
    B) we get intricate murals that da vinci couldn’t do

    love the idea

    dunno bout praticality

  13. i like that idea

  14. I like it too, even if we get “intricate(?)” murals we could try and draw a less detailed version…

    Although i do favor the holy cow idea :]

  15. my personal idea would be a calm sort of painting, like a sunset or horizon or something [i know both of those are sort of generic, but we don’t want anything too crazy, and both those ideas would extend the perceptive view of the room]

  16. Whats’s wrong with green?

  17. I think green is awesome too. But at least one of our walls has to have a really really rediculously good looking mural.

  18. P.S. love how the related posts widget brings up something about erotic dancing.

    whoops i mean *YOOF GROOP* dancing

  19. @Geoff:

    Thanks for the heads up. That’s gotta GOOOOOO…..

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