Posted by: gotjukies | September 25, 2008

Beavers > Trojans

Crazy! Anyone catch unranked Oregon St. upsetting the #1 USC Trojans tonight?!?! I missed it… 😦 But I was at The LoFT so it wasn’t all bad. I heard USC trailed 21-0 at the half. WOW. I find it ironic since ESPN was running articles all week about how USC had no competition in the PAC-10 and how it’s more like the PAC-1. Another article said the title is theirs to lose. Oops.

— EDIT 9/28/2008 —

SJSU beat Hawaii on Saturday! As Fozzie Bear would say… WAC-a, WAC-a, WAC-a

In SEC news, the Georgia Bulldogs were upset by ‘Bama and fourth ranked Florida falls to Ole Miss!

Michigan, trying to salvage their season, comes away with an upset of the ninth ranked Wisconsin Badgers.Β The Terapins (Maryland) come back and knock off Clemson, while Navy upsets 16th ranked Wake Forest.

Best of all, I saw a Giants/Dodgers game AND Sharks game in the span of 24 hrs. πŸ˜€

Speaking of baseball, who’s gonna escape with NL Wildcard? Will the Brewers finally break through? Will C.C. Sabathia have enough today on short rest? Will the NY Mets experience deja vu (all over again) and be snubbed a playoff spot?

— EDIT 9/29/2008 —

Brewers in. Mets out. No NY teams in the playoffs. Can’t say I’m sad… at all.

The Raiders play solid for three quarters and decide to melt down in the 4th quarter. Lane Kiffin is still the head coach …for now but I think he has sealed his fate. He should come across the bay πŸ™‚

Speaking of across the bay, the Niners also decided to melt down. On defense they were like ‘melted cheese’ as the Saints came marching home –right through the Niners’ secondary. The offense moved the ball until it mattered most: two interceptions in the end zone on consecutive drives, when they melted like ice cream on a sidewalk.

LIncecum gets his 18th win in the final game of the season for the Giants. I may be biased, but I think he deserves the Cy Young award wayyy more than Brandon Webb. I mean, just look at his team. Run-support? More like Run-support-group. Lincecum led the NL in strikeouts and also is in elite company as a San Francisco Giant with over 200 strikeouts. But I think the award will go to the Arizona ace anyway just because Webb has over 20 wins.

‘A’s fall to the Mariners 4-3 in their final game of the season. Post game interviews were optimistic for 2009 though as the As have some budding young talent.

Oklahoma Sooners have taken over the No. 1 spot in the AP polls. Does that mean they are due to be upset now? Lol.

And last but not least, Homestead JV Football shutout their opponent, this time Mountain View, for the third consecutive game.



  1. I was rooting for OSU all the way. I don’t like teams who win too much (i.e. Patriots and USC) Go underdogs!!

  2. That’s why I’m a Giants and 49ers fan. LOL.

  3. I’ve told you, the 49ers are going to win the Superbowl this year

  4. Any sports blog article = Kathleen mumbling something about the Niners. Lol.

  5. every team in the NFL is just lucky that Brady tore his ACL and misses the season… patriots will run the NFL next season.

  6. I agree with Brady being hurt as a sigh of relief for the NFL. But that doesn’t explain why the Patriots defense was like swiss cheese against the MIA Fish running game. I think free-agents will bail next year from New England making 2010 wide open…

  7. All I have to say is…..Da Bears.

  8. Da Bulls.

  9. da san jose earthquakes

  10. earthquakes rock!

  11. @Kathleen:

    Knowing you… pun intended?

    Tarea de Espanol!!!! Horita!!!!

  12. A’s always have some young talent. The problem is they trade away their good players (stupid Billie!) and so they’re always training new players and can never win a game!!!

    sorry for ranting 😐

  13. @Geoff: Ranting is good. Sometimes. Trust me: I’m a Niners and Giants fan.

    Have you read Billy Beane’s book on his philosophy on running his ball club? It’s called Moneyball. Pretty interesting stuff.

  14. yes, of course, pun intended

  15. Lane Kiffin has been fired by the Raiders… finally.

    Poor guy. Al Davis needs to go away.


    Going on for another shut out against Cupertino this friday!

  17. and u should also add under the homestead jv football news flash, you should include that bellarmine beat piedmont 51-0 and now has climbed to 3rd in the state and is ranked higher than De La Salle (the first time someone is ranked ahead of De La Salle in four years)

    oh, and the raiders will continue to suck. It doesn’t matter who is coach, the problem is Al Davis and the organization.

    and… lincecum definately deserves the Cy Young… even though he won less than some others, he has a horrible scoring team (sorry Jonathan) backing him up. He almost has to post shutouts to get the same wins as other pitchers who can win even if they allow twice or thrice the runs Lincecum allows.

    And Omar Vizqual wants to come back.

    that is all..

  18. @Alex:

    How could I have forgotten the mighty Bellarmine football team?

    Amen to Al Davis being the problem of that dysfunctional organization. A whole bunch of ex-Raiders have come out of the woodwork complaining about the same thing.

    That was the joke: Gitants run support? More like Giants Run Support-Group.

    I thought Vizquel’s days of playing are over. I think he wants to come back to the organization as a coach or scout right? If the latter, we definitely need to keep him/ Class act, good for the Giants, good for baseball, good for young people to look up to. If he still wants to play, I’d have to say “burn him”. We know what happens when we keep old timers who can’t really produce daily anymore….

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