Posted by: gotjukies | October 7, 2008

Read all about it: Updates, updates, and more updates….

Hey all.

SO much going on lately; Updates deserves its own blog entry.

First off, the upstairs area of The LoFT (from where the name of the room is derived…duh…. go figure) has been officially approved by Ian Abell, the facilities guy from the Diocese of San Jose. He sees no reason (no violation of any codes) that would prevent us from installing electrical outlets upstairs and using the upstairs area to its full potential! Can you imagine? Using our laptops for homework, playing Taize music for our prayer corner, or just adding a couple darned fans up there to keep the whole room cool?!?!

Next up, I have found a reasonable t-shirt shop that does awesome designs that are reasonably priced. You can check out their entire collection at: I will collaborate with our Creative Design team and narrow down the choices to 5 or so designs and have everyone vote on their favorite… so stay tuned! I am also discussing the pricing to add our new RYM logo to the t-shirt design. If you haven’t seen the new logo yet, it’s REALLY simple yet bold, and is prominently displayed on our whiteboard in The LoFT. I CAN’T WAIT to order t-shirts, long-sleeved Ts, and even sweatshirts. The whole parish is gonna be wanting one!

Our newsletter is officially ready to go and hot off the presses! Thanks to many hours by Joanna, Kathleen, and Alex, the “Teen Testament” is pending approval from our fearless pastor Fr. Bob Leger and should be ‘stuffed’ in a bulletin very soon! The newsletter is intended to serve as a periodic update on the musings of RYM. Remember that not everyone has a computer, much less knows what a ‘blog’ is… but we want to include everyone in our parish community, right? Enter our Teen Testament. It is scheduled to be published every other month and will include feature articles, opinion-editorial columns, current events, and even interviews from current student-members. Our first interview includes an interview with our very own Nick and Elaine. Copies will be available this Sunday, October 12th. An electronic copy will be uploaded to the “Our Ministry” section of the blog shortly thereafter. Check it out and feel free to share!

Remind your parents that on Sunday, October 19th, I’ll be hosting an informal information night. I know, I know…. lame. But think about it, the more adults we get on board, the more support we’ll have from all around and that can only mean good things for our ministry, eh? The meeting will be the last part of S.N.L. and will run from 8:00pm to 8:45pm. I will be covering:

* The program's vision and goals
* How our ministry is an important part of the greater whole
* Requirements for student participation
* Meetings/Events/Activities Structure
* How adults in the parish community can help out
* Calendar of Events

I’m even gonna have some adults try an icebreaker with us!!! Bring the cameras, lol.

Last but not least, I’d like to welcome the six newest members to our group: FISHIES! They are all from the “Von Rio” family. They are bottom feeders and are actually food for bigger fish but the very knowledgeable man at the fish store around the corner said that they are resilient fish and should lend well as first-time fish. He said that going forward, we can add more fish and upgrade them in size as the bacteria grows in our tank. How shall we name them? One for each RYM member? How about Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc… Pictures coming soon….

Halloween’s just around the corner; Do you have your costume yet? ūüôā

Peace… and stuff…



  1. OH that is so awsome! Now all I have to do is steal (in a moral manner) the laptop from my sister so I can do fun computer stuff at the LoFT…

    Nick’s face is very random…lol…

  2. YAHOOOODLES! and i love the picture – FISSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!

  3. why stop at shirt related items? why not have RYM pants, socks, boxers, mugs, mouse pads, toilet paper (got that last one from spaceballs… i’m cool like that…)

    and yay! FISHIES!!! now we can eat something besides donuts! (jk… right?)

  4. oh, and yes, i am working on an epic costume. i, as well as 9 of my other friends from school are going as rick astley. EPIC RICKROLL!!!

  5. ¬°¬°¬°dooooooooooooo…Ļ∆É …üooooooooooooo é

  6. @Geoff:

    Rick Astley FTW!!! That is AWESOME.

  7. Yeah Sushi TIIIIMMEEE!

    by the way could i be part of the creative design team? what do they like do?

    Lolz to nicks face. It is the scariest thing i’ve ever seen.

  8. @Masheik:

    Sure thing! Let’s chat about the creative design team when I see you on Thursday or Sunday.


  9. I say print out Nick’s face… post it on a pumpkin and abracadabra we have a Jack-O-Latern fit to win any contest

  10. and sushi sounds good…
    we’ve had pizza for much too long

  11. I’m going as myself!

  12. eeeeew i will NOT eat any raw fish. period. none. disgusting.
    anywho, i am in love with our six little clear fishies, and propose to name them . . . . Rymy 1 2 3 4 5 and 6. obviously derived from the initials RYM [plus an -y to make it sound cute and fishy-like] and the fact that there is absolutely no way to tell them apart :). i am, however, open to more creative ideas. peace love and fish!

  13. I may not have much say in the matter, but I think we should name them Bugs, Lola, Teety, Sylvester, Coyote, and Roadrunner. =)

  14. OH MY GOD i love that idea!!!

  15. Y’all realize there’s no way to distinguish the difference between fishies

  16. so? there’s no way for normal people to tell Michael and Patrick apart, but we don’t deny them their own identity

  17. OH GOODNESS. you guys are all awesome.
    just reading the responses had me laughing for like half an hour. whew,
    well now that I have collected myself off of the floor,
    Fishies! i’d like to hope that the fishies and I will get along well due to common interests. but i think it will be very difficult to name them…
    and I totally agree with geoff about the RYM merchandise. (mugs, boxers, toilet paper, etc.)

  18. @Kathleen:

    Haha… “normal” people….

    Piece of cake… Michael has two eyes…
    Patrick has two…. LEGS

  19. @Ariana: <—– Wait…..who is this “ariana” we speak of?

  20. Ariana! I thought you turned into a fishy :D. But lets re-think the toilet paper….


    if there was toilet paper for RYM, and people use toilet paper to wipe their you-know-whatsits….then RYM toilet paper would be used to _______(you can fill in the blank). ehhh?!?!?!

    Other than that, I’m in favor of mugs, etc etc etc.

  21. I still don’t know who God is e_e!!!!!

  22. oh dear children, you all make me so happy! i vote aye in favor of stuff like mugs and sweatshirts and . . .and . . .BAGS

  23. I say we get RYM beanies…

    How about RYM air fresheners?

    Seat covers?

  24. pillow slips, stationary, plates, napkins

  25. I know! I know!


    Whaddya think, eh?!

  26. no way no way! i can’t believe no one’s thought of that yet. you must be a genius or something

  27. Nah… you guys are all the inspiration for such ideas….and while I’m at it: randomness…

  28. BAGS. YES.

  29. @Kathleen:

    Throw blankets! NOT.


    Bags?! Do I look like Nordstrom’s?

  30. yep

  31. i think we should name the fish spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, and spam

  32. how about katherine, anne, jane, anne, katherine, and katherine?

  33. Arghhhh

    *head explodes*

  34. you get it?

  35. hehehe I get it NOW…. after 11:30am mass today…:-)

  36. oh jonathan jonathan jonathan . . . btw, can i formally ask forgiveness for thursday? i don’t wanna be shunned anymore. . .

  37. I dunno if my forgiving you has any impact on your “shunning”, but I guess it’s worth a shot….

    “Ask and you shall receive.”
    “Knock and it will be opened.”

    It might take some time to heal these deep wounds but don’t worry… I’ll be brave…

  38. yaaaaay! thankee thankee thankee

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