Posted by: gotjukies | October 15, 2008

Rite of Enrollment this Sunday for Confirmation Candidates


This Sunday, October 19th, the Faith Formation 8th graders preparing for Confirmation in 2009 will be celebrating their Rite of Enrollment at the 5:30pm mass. As many of you recently were confirmed, you probably remember how the whole process was a lot of different feelings. Among them were bits of awkwardness, maybe embarrassment, nervousness, and apprehensiveness. To help allay (<—- ooh ooh vocab) those feelings, I am hoping we can come out in full force this Sunday and join in the liturgy, to make the whole thing more fun, and to also show the candidates that we’ve been there, done that, and that it doesn’t have to be boring. I’d like to invite everyone attending the 5:30pm mass this Sunday to wear red (the color representing the Holy Spirit) and join us in sitting behind the band & choir. No, you don’t have to sing with us. Call me biased, but it might be more fun than you previously thought. And what if all of us went up to each candidate after the mass and introduced ourselves, wished them luck in their preparation for Confirmation, and then recorded their name so we can promise to pray for them in the coming months? I think that would be pretty siiiiiiick….

Music lineup should be a doozy again so come on out, have some fun, and meet some new people!



  1. yeeeeeah yoof group! i’m very berry excited. and i appreciate your use of allay.

  2. kathleen, learn how to spell! its yoof GROOP, not yoof group

  3. i prefer “assuage” over “allay”

  4. @Geoff:

    Lol. I think i actually prefer ‘group’ but either are acceptable.

  5. @geoff:

    I prefer your m…


  6. ummm jonathan you responded either to the wrong person or the wrong word.
    and geoff, i agree, assuage just has a nicer sound to it.

  7. Umm actually I was referring to each of Geoffs posts.

    This is an A and B coversation so you can C your way out of it. 😛

  8. whatever. i am above your insuting ways.

  9. That’s ironic considering I’m taller than you.

    San Jose airport is so empty right now. And my darned flight is delayed.

  10. oh btws, i found the word “assuage” by typing in “allay” into Word and clicking synonyms. That’s how I “take possession of” all of my “gargantuan” “vocables”

  11. At least you didn’t use ‘ginormous’

    Thanks to everyone came out yesterday. Lots of positive feedback. What you may not realize is that there were lots of non-5:30pm people there who literally saw us for the first time evar.

  12. yeppers – i thought it was jolly good GINORMOUS fun

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