Posted by: gotjukies | October 16, 2008

Why baseball… is baseball.

Heidi-ho from Orange County!

Anyone catch the tail end of today’s Rays-Red Sox game? Unbe-flippin’-lievable…. Red Sox rallied from 7 runs down starting in the bottom of the seventh. They eventually scored the game winning run on a double by JD Drew in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs. 8 unanswered runs. Guess we’re heading back to Florida.

Everyone remembers how the Red Sox came back down 3-0 to the Yanks in 2004…

Can they rally this year down 3-1? (Now 3-2.)

I love October baseball.



  1. meh… i’d rather see the D-rays win. The Red Sox have had their glory, twice since 2004. The Rays pretty much sucked for their first 10 years of existance, now this year they have a chance. But whoever wins, i won’t care to much. the a’s arent in contention, so…

    i kinda like both teams, so…

  2. oh, i forgot to announce

    FIRST!!!! (well now second)

    and of course, YOOF GROOOOOOP!

  3. Werd. I used to love what the Red Sox stood for when they were single handedly competing with the Yankees. Now, I think they’ve turned into the ‘evil empire’.

    Go D-Rays!

  4. hmm. i have been disenchanted with baseball recently – of course i still enjoy watching and follow los gigantes, but i just haven’t found much excitement in it this season. anywho, cool game last night, i won’t really care who wins the series now, because it’s turned into a nice battle.

  5. I havn’t been much of a sports watcher. But I do know that I like to hit balls using very hard objects. They deliver a very nice force that has that nice “TOK!” sound. Highly theraputic…

  6. I agree . . . it’s like throwing ice cubes at a wall

  7. Woo hoo go Rays!

    We should’ve went to a Giants game this year. Oh well. As all Cubby fans are well aware, “There’s always next year!”

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