Posted by: gotjukies | October 20, 2008

RYM’s Halloweenie Party

It’s that time of year again folks. Time for the mother of all excuses to eat handfuls of candy: Dentist Appreciation Day! Err, umm… no wait… HALLOWEEN! This year’s scare fair will take place at the ever popular LoFT this Sunday, October 26th, from right after the 5:30pm evening mass (around 6:45ish) until 9:00pm (I know, I know, but it IS a school night). So come in your scariest (or funniest) garb, bring a dessert to share, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK ahead of time. 😀 Feel free to invite a friend along as well. That way, when I scare all the newcomers, they’ll think it’s just because it’s Halloween and that I’m really not like that…. Right?

A few notes:

  • We’ll have card games, board games, video games, and basketball in the gym all available.
  • If your costume would never make it past your parents on the way out the door and/or it would make me blush, leave it at home. Or modify it.
  • Speaking of costumes, if you are attending the youth mass at 5:30pm, PLEASE don’t wear it to mass. I’m all about jokes and ha-has but liturgies are “no-fly” zones. Sorry.
  • Feel free to bring anything else you think would be fun to share e.g. Jack-O-Lanterns, games, decorations, etc.
It should be a ‘spooktacular’ event. Hope to scare you all there!


    ❤ you all, yoof groooop, time,
    p.s. you won’t recognize me at the party

  2. dang it i wanted to get first this time! i still need a costume . . .

  3. Sorry but I crack myself up….


  4. Jon, next time I see you you’re going down. But I literally laughed audibly for a good minute.

  5. Hmm… my costume is sort of incomplete without epic hair styling and other people dressed in the same fashion as me, but I’LL DO IT!

    btw FIFTH!!!

  6. @Geoff:

    Do not fear Geoff… I will have your theme song prepped and ready to play on your arrival

  7. LOL I remember this photograph. Masheikie is hilarious.

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