Posted by: gotjukies | October 27, 2008

A Monster Mash?! It was a graveyard SMASH!

Lions and tigers and… Sarah Palin?!
Thanks to everyone who made it out last night… It was AWESOME! There was so much goin’ on that I’ll let some of the pictures do the talking first:

(For more pics, click the Flickr sidebar to your right —->)

Seriously, soooooo much goodness goin’ on yesterday. We had doctors & nurses, kitty cats, a skeleton knight, cows, wicked witches, yummy life-sized candy pieces… We even had some famous diginitaries in attendance. If you check out all the photos, you might catch glimpses of Samara (or Sadako Yamamura for all you anime fans) from the film “The Ring”, a rare sighting of Sarah Palin in the Lower 48, and the bay area’s very own Kirk Hammett from Metallica. I need to throw some kudos out to the RYM Operations team for doing another sick job preparing the atmosphere for our gala. What started out as a few orange lights turned into a production complete with disco balls, strobe lights, spiderwebs, hanging skeltons, streamers, ground creeping fog, and ghosts & ghouls. Also big thanks go out to everyone who brought treats to share. I mean, there’s food…. and then there’s FOOD. Seven layer dip, pumpkin pie, chicken wings, and assortments of candy is just a small glimpse of yesterday’s banquet.  For those who were looking to get up and ‘move around’ a bit, we had a dance mix of Halloween classics such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Roy Parker Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” blasting away all night long. And for those who wanted to make their own music (yeah yeah, no seven layer dip jokes pls), the newly released Guitar Hero World Tour for Xbox360 was available for all closet musicians.

A door raffle prize was won by our newest friend Katilyn (Kati) and we also had two costume contest winners as voted on by all those in attendance:

Fred as Kirk Hammett from the band ‘Metallica’

and Joanna as Samara/Sadako from the film “The Ring”

Thanks again to all who made it out! It was definitely memorable, and at times, ‘udderly’ a blast! See y’all in The LoFT or at mass.

Holy Cow!



  1. thats the short hair version of kirk hammett circa 1998..

    funny thing is kirk hammett is from san francisco and is half-filipino..

    and for those that dont know..people also call me as Kirk. all my relatives all call me that i guess u can say its my other name. ( im not making this up either lol..jonathan can vouch for that).

  2. cause Fred didn’t call it….

    FIRST!!! for the first time

  3. wow, fred, the revelations are just coming more and more

  4. RE: Fred

    The man doth tell the truth-eth.

    Although if you are not one of the privileged (eg family), Fred will stare you down and wag his finger in a no-no fashion if you call him Kirk.

  5. Jonathan, not to disappoint:

    (i’m the astley with the worst costume: i couldn’t find the right polo shirt)

  6. THAT is flippin’ awesome!!!

    Much love fo’ ma brudda Geoff.

  7. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the mysterious death we had at the party Jon

  8. @Nick:

    Rule #1 of RYM: We don’t talk about RYM.

  9. … oh… then how do we get new members?

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