Posted by: gotjukies | November 1, 2008

Donations we can “see” and share

Happy All Saints Day!

Which saints do you ask for help from? Did you know you can ask St. Anthony of Padua to help pray for you when you lose your keys? (Patron Saint of Lost Things and Missing Persons) Or did you know that St. Clare was designated by Pope Pius XII as the patron saint of television because when she was too ill to attend mass she was able to miraculously see it on the wall of her room? She was also chosen as the patron saint of our Diocese.

All Saints and All Souls weekend also coincides with “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead), a holiday celebrated mostly in Mexico. Traditionally, families gather in graveyards to honor and pray for their deceased loved ones by building altars and decorating them with skulls, flowers, and food offerings. What if we celebrated our loved ones that have gone before us the same way? How would that make you see death differently? Would graveyards be as scary as they are now if you visited them every year starting when you were young?

Speaking of the faithfully departed, Sunday is All Souls Day (Commemoration of All The Faithful Departed). The 5:30pm mass will be dedicated as a Mass of Remembrance for all our loved ones gone before us that we would like to pray for. Join us at mass as we pray and reflect on those gone too soon.

In news closer to home, we’ve received donations of clothing items to sort and distribute to the Saint Vincent de Paul efforts at Resurrection. Help us on Sunday after 5:30pm mass!

And for our very own use, The LoFT is now the proud owner of a DVD player! Movie nights anyone?

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween night! See y’all at S.N.L.!

–EDIT 11/05/08 —

Thanks to Joanna, Julie, Kathleen, Matt, and Patrick for helping out last Sunday! It ended up being quite comical… all for a good cause of course.

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  1. FIRST!!!

  2. idk who my favorite saint is… prb John the Baptist – my conformation name


  3. Thanksssss to Joanna, Julie, Kathleen, Matthew, and Patrick for sticking around and helping to sort clothing!

  4. no problemo!

  5. I vote for “The Emperors New Groove” as our first flick.

  6. The Passion of the Christ!
    My eyes mist everytime

  7. my vote goes for ENG!!! bad llama, bad bad llama

  8. lol patrick and julie your picture is brilliant

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