Posted by: gotjukies | November 1, 2008

Remember to ‘Fall Back’….

Lean back…..lean back…..

Remember to change your clocks back one hour before going to bed tonight i.e. 2:00am becomes 1:00am

Yay for more sleep!



  1. first!!!

  2. …the WORST

  3. i have been waiting for this day for days

    1 extra hour of SLEEP!!!

  4. I wonder how many people will be early to masses tomorrow. Haha. At least that’s better than being late. Oh wait, how is that different again?

    Oooooooh…. burned.

  5. who ARE you talking to? yourself?

  6. ha. ha. ha.

  7. not only will they be way early for the mass that they intended to go to, but they will show up at the very end of the previous mass (and you know how everyone stares whenever the door opens) lol

    double whammy…

    percieved as very late to one mass, and way too early to the next mass
    (but i guess they are very holy fo going to mass twice)

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