Posted by: gotjukies | November 4, 2008

November is a time for Thanks(giving)…

Our ministry has been blessed with so many opportunities and good people this year that as the liturgical and calendar year come to close, we’ll be taking some time to look back and give thanks for everything God has given us. From the support of our pastor and parish, to our room and activities, and to all the people who make RYM what it is, it has been an inspiring six months for our ministry. Can you believe that? It’s already been six months since our first BBQ! So, what can we do to celebrate our good fortunes? Interestingly enough, one of the best ways of giving thanks is just to simply give!

On Sunday, November 23rd, to help get into the spirit of the holiday season, we’ll be sponsoring a food collection push at all the masses. Similar to a “get the vote out” campaign, we’ll be helping Saint Vincent de Paul (SVDP) raise awareness for food collection by sponsoring a monthly food collection effort by our youth ministry. We’ll be (wo)manning tables outside the various exits of the church after the masses and encouraging people to donate canned goods and non-perishable food items. To allow our community time to prepare, I’d like to ask some of you to make a pulpit announcement after all the masses the weekend before the 23rd (16th). Sign-ups for speaking and working the tables will be available this Sunday at S.N.L. I urge all of you to reflect on our ministry’s mission statement, and donate one or two hours of your weekend to help get the word out. I know for a fact this would be a HUGE help to SVDP at Resurrection Parish. Let’s show people, and more importantly ourselves, what we’re really made of.

logo_final-copy Resurrection Youth Ministry REACHes out to ALL high school students, UNITEs them through their common beliefs, helps them to GROW in their faith, provides them an opportunity to SHARE their gifts and talents, and encourages them to express their LOVE for God



  1. FIRST! i’ll make an announcement at 8:30 if you want

  2. Cool! I’ll have sign-up sheets for everyone this Sunday at S.N.L.

  3. So we still don’t have a sexy sidekick for me :/

  4. That’s ok, Nicholas. I made you in my own image. You got enough sexiness for 2 people!

    -The Dude Upstairs

  5. oh whoops, i didnt sign up at snl. you can put me down for whatever time you need me on sunday (i think)

  6. nick, you need to stop boosting your own ego

  7. @Geoff:

    Can I put you down for 10:00 and/or 11:30?

  8. i think so, yeah!

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