Posted by: gotjukies | November 7, 2008

The LoFT will be OPEN on Veteran’s Day, Tuesday, November 11th

Veteran’s Day is a national holiday honoring all the military veterans who have served our country in past conflicts. It originally was named ‘Armistice Day’ in remembrance of the end of World War I but in 1954, President Eisenhower in concert with Congress renamed the holiday to ‘Veteran’s Day’ to celebrate all military veterans. For more information, check out Wiki’s article.

Since many of you will be out of class that day, The LoFT will be available from 12:00pm until 6:00pm. Feel free to drop on by, catch up on homework, play some Rock Band, or just ‘veg-out’. If we have enough people, I’ll buy some snacks and goodies. I will also be available if you wanted to chat about any yoooooof groooop stuff…

Come kick it.



  1. I refuse to accept “veg-out”, it should be “cookie-out” in honor of Cookie Monster’s passing from us

  2. i have school on veteran’s day 😦

    support our troops- hopefully they will come home soon now that obama is president

  3. WHAT?!

    Obama won?!

  4. i have school too . . . que triste

  5. I take offense at the amount of spanish that goes on around here.

  6. That’s funny. No one seems to mind your l33t speak and inside jokes.

  7. por que te molesta el espanol? es un idioma bien habla y muy popular en los estados unidos hoy, y es bueno utilizar la educacion en lenguages

  8. I believe the proper spelling is ‘lenguajes’… but who’s noticing anyway…

  9. you spelled “l33t” wrong!

    its “1337”

  10. Now you’re guilty of it too…..

    I was translating for the masses….

    And if anyone cracks a joke about Sunday mass…..grrrr

  11. beszél osztrák-magyar. legjobb legfõképpen.

  12. The fact that you can type those characters is mind boggling

  13. ay, si es lenguaje . . . soy estupida.

  14. !Que!? No eres estupida! Pienso que as un ‘typo’…

  15. no . . . espero que era, pero no. si quisiera dar excusos, puedo echar la culpa a un examen que tengo lunes, pero . ..

  16. It’s 7:06AM, and when I saw the spanish, I began to have flashbacks of Junior year in Spanish III with a bird named Tarkington…and I feel a little traumatized….

    =____= Yay for Tuesday!

  17. aww, pobrecita! [sorry, sorry, i couldn’t resist, i’ll stop now]

  18. Ugh. Tarkington/Smith.

  19. hoy hoy mga kaibigan!..bakit tayo nagtatype ng ibang langauges..akala ko ba nasa america tayo?? dapat ingles lang ang ating i type!! sasakit ang ulo ko kababasa ng mga ibang salita na ito!!..

  20. oh fred. . . i shall have this translated . . actually, probably not, that’s sorta a cheater’s route, huh?

  21. shame on jonathan, kathleen, et al, for not using upsidedown exclamation points!

    ¡No es bueno! (idk, shows how much spanish i know)


  22. ¡Ay, todo quienes me molestaron sobre los accentos [tostosGeofftos], ven lo que puedo hacer ahora! Soy la ganadora, y nadie puede burlar de mis comentos aquì màs.
    [Gracias a Jonathan para darme el conocimiento de hacer accentos etcetera en la computadora]

  23. Thank god they’re building a wall

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