Posted by: gotjukies | November 21, 2008

Food Collection Weekend

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone who signed up to help out this weekend:

Elaine – 8:30am
Matt – 7:00am
Melly – 7:00am
Fred – all day
Kathleen – all day
Dominique – 5:30pm
Patrick – 5:00pm
Nick – 7:00am
Ariana – all day (she thinks)
Geoff – 10:00/11:30am (???)

Come out and have a really good excuse to talk to anyone and everyone in our parish community. Just hang out, have fun, and know you’re helping to fill our food pantry. Feel free to bring homework, music, etc…

Remember, please arrive 30 minutes BEFORE mass ends. Anyone attending 7:00am will have breakfast on me. Anyone hanging out after all the masses on Sunday gets lunch on me.

On a related note, a parishioner requesting to remain anonymous approached me after one of the morning masses last Sunday. He handed me a 50 dollar bill and told me to go buy youth group some canned food because he was going to be out of town this Sunday. How about that? You all are having more of impact than you may even realize!



  1. FIRST to respond and I’ll be the FIRST to be there. How y’all like me now?!

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