Posted by: gotjukies | November 21, 2008

Sports Roundup

I would like to commence with a quote from Michael Jordan that exemplifies the importance of perseverance, both in sports and in life-

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

I will now bypass the regular Jonathan discussion questions about the meaning of this quote to our lives (not that they are boring or anything) and get right into some sports.


High School Football:


· Bellarmine College Prep finished up a 9-1 football season by winning “The Holy War” against long-time rivals, St. Francis, for the 3rd consecutive year with a score of 42-7. The Bells will be taking on Milpitas High in the first round of CCS in the Open Division.

· Homestead High finished up an 8-2 season and will be taking on Woodside as the #5 seed in the Large School Division of CCS. Also, congrats to Patrick’s 10-0 JV team!

· St. Francis finished their season with a disappointing record of 3-6-1. Look out for those Lancers next year. The Frosh team is looking very good, and if I am not mistaking they are undefeated.


NFL: Tune in for some football while eating some Turkey on Thanksgiving between:

Ø The undefeated Tennessee Titans and the winless Detroit Lions

Ø Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys (who always seems to play on Turkey Day)

Ø Arizona Cardinals and Phillie Eagles



kid_playing_soccer_1 And for those soccer fans out there… (I am probably the only one): the MLS Cup will be between the New York Red Bulls and the Columbus Crew, though the second-year San Jose Earthquakes should look good by next year.



ice_hockey_-_player_1 The San Jose Sharks are 16-3-1 and they have the best record in the whole NHL. It seems Todd McClellen, the new Sharks coach has been doing a fine job.



basketball_-_ball_1 The Golden State Warriors are 5-6, but they have a new player named Anthony Morrow who has scored 25 points against Portland and 37 against the LA Clippers. The catch- no one picked him in the NBA Draft! It seems the Warriors have now forgotten about Baron Davis who decided to leave the Bay Area to join the one win Clippers… not a very smart choice.

— EDIT by Jonathan 11/21/2008 — Looks like the NY Knicks have agreed in principle to send guard Jamal Crawford to the Warriors for Al Harrington. Stay tuned.





  1. Dude, I was watching a USA Soccer match on tv the other day and the US team ran this sweet set piece just in front of the box. The wall from the opposing team was defending the near side so the US sent a player streaking towards the ball –towards the near side. Then, right as he ran past, Freddy Adu criss-crossed behind him and bent one in the upper-corner on the farside out of the reach of the goalie. Awesome!

    Barry Trotz, head coach of the Nashville Predators, said the Sharks remind him of the Detroit Red Wings –just an over-size version. Haha. I miss hockey, I still keep my stick and skates in my car.

    Who are we kidding here? B.D. left town for two things: money, and a potential start to a career as a film director. He knew he was walking into a wasteland of a franchise.

  2. packman jones was also reinstated after over 2 years of suspension

    i feel sorry for the cowboys’ coach for having to deal with packman and terrel owens

  3. That’s what happens when you work under Jerry Jones. Haha.

  4. yaay Alex, this is awesome!
    Gooooo Earthquakes!

  5. jamal crawford was a good trade

    1. he’s scored 19 points per game whihc fits the warrior’s high flying offense and anyways al harrington wasn’t playing very much anyways

    2. he fits the warriors perfectly… he plays great small ball, he is fast, and can score in bunches

    good trade by mullen and the warriors

  6. I agree….except only for the fact that we are guard-heavy already

  7. i disagree…what does jamal crawford bring that stephen jackson, monta ellis, anthony morrow and corey maggette dont already bring to the table?

    -as nice as the 19 ppg crawford gets, he has a terrible shot selection..if u thought baron davis jacking up three’s was bad..jamal crawford is going to make barond davis look like an effecient shooter…a career 40% FG shooter and the guy just does not play defense..

    the warriors never really had a problem scoring..its playing D that they seem to disregard.
    until they start playing defense and also acquire a true low post presence ( biedrins is not a low post presence)..the warriors are sadly not going anywhere..all they are going to be are fodder for the top teams like the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets.

  8. I think Fred has some very valid points. This team is destined to fail if they ever make it to the playoffs. The ‘trickery’ will be exposed when there is no low-post presence.

    On the flip side, I agree with Alex on the notion that Crawford for Harrington is a win for the warriors, purely in terms of the deal.

    We are definitely guard heavy (bye bye Marcus Williams and Brandon Wright IMHO), this doesn’t bode well for cap management in the next 2-3 years, and Crawford tends to be a ball hog and likes to ‘chuck’ the ball whenever a-la-SJax.

    In response to the ‘what Crawford brings to the table’, with Monta out, they’ve put SJax into a play calling, play running mode. IF Crawford can pass the ball, he is a temporary fix until Monta comes back. This way they can move Jax back to his position.

    I dunno what they’re gonna do with Morrow.

  9. its a good deal..if we are talking about just getting rid of Al Harrington..the man was just a distraction and thought he was better than he really was..its definitely better to have a player that at least is going to put up points than a player who will pout and ruin the remaining, if there is any left, team chemistry the Ws have..

    all the Ws guards are locked up for the next 3-5 years..the only way they can get a low post presence is if Brandon Wright pans out, through free agency ,drafting, or if the front office is able to pull a heist like the Lakers did with Pau Gasol lol.

    ..i dont think the warriors are going after potential free agents Carlos Boozer in 2009 or Chris Bosh in 2010…even if they did..its highly improbable that these guys will sign with the Ws..

    but who knows..maybe this trade is just one move.there is a bigger plan..although knowing the Warriors history of moves..we’d be better of trying to find flying pigs …..cuz it aint gonna happen…hahahaha..

  10. The point(problem?) is that Nellie is locked up. While he is around, there’s no use in trying to put together a ‘playoff’ team.

  11. wow. i clearly do not follow the nba well enough anymore, because i know like 2 of the guys you’re talking about. how lame of me.

  12. And I do? Ha… I just read the headliners and then regurgitate some other writer’s opinions. But don’t tell Fred. Lol.

  13. Fred makes some good points… clearly the Warriors are maxed out with guards. Getting rid of Harrington was a great decision, but I wish they picked up Randolph who was also traded in that multi-team trade. The warriors deifnately need some inside presense, and although Biendrins is playing a lot better than he ever has, he has a tendency to foul a lot, and besides him and maybe Touriaff a little, they have almost no one off the bench.

    I would like to see some fast moving big man to join. I reallly like the warriors fast tempo, but they eventually need to pick up a big man that can actually run (they did a poor job in this year’s draft, and picked up some guys I haven’t even seen play yet)

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