Posted by: gotjukies | November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all Resurrection Youth Ministry students, my friends:

As families come together on Thursday to celebrate and give thanks for another year gone by, I too would like to give thanks… and share with all of you my thoughts.

If there is one thing I am most grateful for other than my family, friends, and health… it would be all of you who make up our youth ministry program. I can think of no other material gift or event this past year that stands out more in my mind.

All I wanted six months ago was to establish a program where high school students could feel like they were part of something. A program that would help reveal and nuture their talents, give them an opportunity to use them, and boost their self-confidence by seeing the successes of their handiwork with their own two eyes. I envisioned a program where having ‘all are welcome’ was just the beginning. I wanted it to develop into a place where students weren’t judged by how different they were from each other, but rather becoming united in the many things they found to have in common with each other. I pictured fun but meaningful gatherings, open-minded but safe discussions, and above all else: a chance to discover how much God is really in our lives.

As the last six months flew on by, and I devoted my energy to providing the best possible atmosphere for all of you, I began noticing that while I was busy trying to plan this and lead that, you were unknowingly giving back to me. Not material things mind you, but rather your interactions with each other has shown me that there are still plenty of good people left in this world. From helping each other with homework, to sticking around late just to help clean up, I have become inspired observing your acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and selflessness. It has allowed me to reflect and realize where I still need work. It has helped strengthen my commitment to serving others. It has renewed my faith and given me so many things to look forward to in the coming year and beyond.

So, I’d like to thank all of you for your time and dedication. It has been an awesome six months and I hope we continue learning and growing in Christ throughout our journey together. Thank you for just being who you are.

Jonathan Luu
Resurrection Youth Ministry Director



  1. FIRST!
    I too would like to extend my thanks for all the friendships and experiences that have become so important to me in these first few months of our amazingly blessed group. All y’all are great people to hang out with, inspirations to me, good people in general, funny, talented, kind, helpful . . . I could go on and on. I’m so grateful to everyone for being a part of extending my family, and I look forward to the rest of an insanely awesome year. God is Good!

  2. All the time!

    That wasn’t even sneaky…

  3. good thing i wasn’t trying to be sneaky then

  4. Good thing I knew you weren’t trying to be sneaky when I commented how you weren’t sneaky


    oh darn it, Jonathan already caught that one…


    I want to say that I love RYM so much. We’ve all grown so close for the past three months, that when I walk in, it’s like I’m walking into our own home [except without the bedrooms!].

    I’m so grateful that I have more little, big, and same-age brothers and sisters…ones that I can talk with, complain to, listen to advice from, eat with, sing with, study with, and…serve God with.

    I’m especially thankful for the hilarious intellegence fights that go on between Nick and Kathleen, Jonathan’s weird faces, Fred’s super-bass skills, Matt’s laugh that fills up and reverberates the LoFT, Jonathan’s Mrazified music and Irish/Veit accents, Ariana and Kathleen’s listening ears, Elaines hyper character, Geoff’s energy that he fills the room with when he comes to join us, Alex’s ability to stay calm (when RYM gets a little out-of-hand), Fred’s jumping shoulders when he laughs,

    well, there’s more, but I’m going to just write it in the white board at the LoFT.

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