Posted by: gotjukies | November 26, 2008

RYM is taking another step towards going ‘green’


Fresh, PUR water from Sunnyvale's very own municipal wells

Fresh, PUR water from Sunnyvale's very own municipal wells

In our first effort of going ‘green’, RYM has installed a water filter in The LoFT. Effective immediately, we will no longer be purchasing individual water bottles for in-LoFT use. On average, we consume about twenty-four 12oz bottles everyweek. This should help reduce our waste by 1,248 bottles of plastic every year.

To further elimnate unecessary waste, I’d like to encourage everyone to bring in their very own special mug or cup. This way, you’ll always have your own favorite mug to enjoy beverages out of, and a quick rinse afterwards helps reduce the amount of plastic cups we throw out. Don’t forget buying less cups saves money for more important (and fun) events.





  1. FIRST!! yaaay so much cleaner and better for the world!!!

  2. cool picture btw

  3. yay! i was going to suggest something like that, but you got to it first. oh well, less work for me 🙂

    yay for being green. just make sure we have recycled/recyclable paper cups, and not plastic cups

  4. @Kathleen:


  5. *cries in emotional happiness…*

    I am so proud…so proud…

  6. i know aren’t you? it just makes me be filled with happiness and fulfillment

  7. Peoples….it’s just a water filter…

    Wow, y’all are easy to impress

  8. : D

    yay, we’re green!

    good job, jonathan

  9. @Ariana:

    Thanks, I try…

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