Posted by: gotjukies | December 2, 2008

A Feast Indeed!

Sunday’s Thanksgiving Potluck was a wonderful evening filled with prayer, reflection, laughter, and lots of food! We also welcomed new faces as well: Emilio, Jenny, and Stephanie. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself to them if you haven’t already done so. Our celebration on Sunday began with a brief prayer service that was organized by everyone but me! It was awesome to watch everyone split up into teams and work together to prepare an opening prayer, select a gathering song, proclaim a gospel reading, lead everyone in prayers of petition, and say grace before our banquet fit for a king. We also lit the very first candle in our Advent wreath.

The plethora of delectable home cookin’ goodness was prepared by our loving families and I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions; we are most appreciative. The duties of food presentation was masterfully handled by our very own Matt. I think we all can agree when I say that Matt did an outstanding job laying all the food out and making sure they were at optimal temperature for consumption. And, like all Real-Men-Of-Genius, we salute YOU!

We salute you Mr. Wet-Spot-On-My-Sleeveless-Shirt-Muffin-Baking-Sheet-Wielding-Man

We salute you Mr. Wet-Spot-On-My-Sleeveless-Shirt-Muffin-Baking-Sheet-Wielding-Man

The amount of food and varieties were staggering. We had oodles of spaghetti, scrumptious sweet potatoes, and fabulous fried chicken. Veggie platters with dip, potato chips, and small clementine oranges were fun to munch on throughout. And how about all the ethnic dishes?! Fillipino eggrolls or ‘Lumpia’, chicken adobo, crispy friend fried wonton wrapped shrimp, Chinese-style noodles, and Vietnamese-style fried rice were all more than enough for the adventurous eaters. As if that wasn’t enough, dessert was loaded with pies and sweet cakes, muffins, cookies, and the always popular ice cream.

I must admit, hearing the laughter, watching the food being passed around the table, and the ensuing conversations made this a very ‘thankful Thanksgiving’ for RYM. Thanks again for a great evening!

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  1. FIRST! hahaha we salute you indeed mateo!
    and, jonathan, sorry . . . i think the shrimp was fried not friend . . .

  2. Well, if you know the shrimp like I do (we go way back), they’re more than just fried, they’re FRIENDS

  3. haha that was very skillful of you to place the RYM logo on the paper I was holding, jonathan

    : P

  4. @Ariana:

    Someone noticed!!!!


    I basically took all the skillz Jo-er taught me and messed around with it for a long time.

  5. haha how could you not notice! it kinda stands out in the picture, so it looks pretty cool

  6. FIFTH!!! sigh. kathleen, you horrible person, not considering the shrimp to be friends. i bet you didn’t feel sorry eating them at all. YOU ATE MY ONLY FRIENDS! :..(

    the feast was very *YOOF GROOP*in’ awesome, i must say!!! it was tasty and spiritual at the same time

    PS. kudos to matt, the muffin man! (i know you made pasta, but the picture above…)

  7. o sh*YOOFGROUP*t! i meant to say SIXTH above.

    and for this post, SEVENTH!

  8. and where was I during this fun…

    stuck in post Thanksgiving traffic for 6+ hours.

    The car ride from San Luis Obispo to Sunnyvale is about 3 1/2 hours and we left at 2 pm hoping to arrive by 5:30 or 6 with plenty of time to stop by RYM, with over 1 1/2 hours lenience in case there was traffic…

    and then, there was one crash, another, and then just plain bumper to bumber traffic for about 50 miles

    and whoohla, I am back in sunnyvale at 8:30 pm

  9. @Alex:

    Aww man… that stinks dude…

  10. @Geoff:

    I’m glad Menlo School education is covering the basics of counting on your fingers…haha

  11. Learning to count at menlo requires an extra $1000 of tuition.

  12. haha…

    Do you know how many __________ I could buy with that?!

  13. @Geoff:

    RE: your FIFTH err… SIXTH Post

    Kathleen thinks eating shrimp is ‘icky’…

    Then again, I completely understand: That would be like cannibalism!

  14. Jon, I’m guessing you could buy alot of … it’s too easy.

  15. Fun?

    Naw… I get that for free with YOOF GROOP

  16. Speaking of easy…

    You better come to Bible Study Kathleen! I’ll bring your stress reliever

    oh, and i’m sorry everyone that I couldn’t come to the potluck. good news is that my essay got finished…I’ll be at the next one 😛

  17. ahem. let’s keep this blog yoof group children.

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