Posted by: gotjukies | December 5, 2008

Advent Recollection/Lock-In 2008

Holy moly! The lock-in is already tomorrow!

Are you ready?

If you haven’t already done so, you MUST have these items when arriving tomorrow night:

1. Code of Conduct signed by both you and a parent

2. Permission Slip signed by both you and a parent

3. $15.00 cash or check

4. If you haven’t already registered as an RYM member, the registration form, medical information form, and medical release form.

All of these required forms can be found in the Forms section of our blog. Or click here.

For more info on tomorrow’s activities and what to bring please check out the information flyer here.

We’ll see you at 7:30pm tomorrow evening!!!



  1. do we bring a sleeping bag or something? hurrr

  2. sorry i couldn’t make it. sick 😛
    hope it was awesome! (which may have been hard, seeing as i wasn’t there, haha)

  3. aww that’s no good geoff 😦

  4. @Geoff:

    I did feel a lack of something… it might’ve been this ‘awesome’ you speak of…

    It WAS fun though

  5. it was tons of fun!

    would’ve been more fun if you were there though geoff

  6. im sad i couldn’t make it 😦

    that was my very first comment:)

  7. ELAINE?! You figured out how to turn on your computer to say hi to us?! I am impressed…

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