Posted by: gotjukies | December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Geoff!

The big one-eight (Fred = non-reliable source) one-seven!!! Hope you enjoy your day and may God continue to bless and keep you. You’ve been a fun part of our RYM familia.




    yaaaay for being 17 . . . umm . .. rated R movies . . . errr yoof groop!

  2. Sorry we didn’t give you a proper send off on Sunday. We’ll make sure to do one at our Christmas Party.

  3. for some reason all my comments aren’t showing up on the site…weird O.o

  4. BWAHAHAHA *sigh* Fred is still our hero.

    Yay Geoff!

  5. LOL

    fred is also fred’s hero.

  6. fred is everybody’s hero 🙂

  7. and so is Geoff – our pillar of perfect pitch

  8. If you look in the dictionary under the word ‘hero’, you’ll see a picture of Fred… wearing a green mad hatter hat, guy-liner, and tight leather pants…


  9. niiice

  10. what the…i never saw this thread of comments until now lolz.

    obviously i agree with all the comments he’s just awesome.

    \you can also add black fingernails and various Burberry scarves to the picture description of Fred. I think he likes to those alot as well i think..not sure tho.

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