Posted by: gotjukies | December 22, 2008

Through cold and rain, RYM brings Christmas cheer to all

Braving the weather, RYM students, families, and fellow parishioners headed out into the neighborhoods surrounding Resurrection Parish to share some Christmas spirit through the singing of Christmas carols. Naturally, RYM students took the opportunity to support St. Vincent de Paul by asking for canned food donations as they went from house to house. As an added bonus, The Banks Family was gracious enough to treat the carolers to hot chocolate and cookies when we stopped by. The students also had the opportunity to stop by the rectory and sing for Fr. Bob Leger and Fr. Dennis Gilbert. Looks like they may have to join us next year!

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  1. FIIIIRST! i’m baack everybody, aren’t you so excited to get all my delightful comments once again? 🙂
    yaaay for caroling it was so much fun and i hope everyone has an awesomely fantastic Christmas

  2. lol, Kathleen breaks the ice again!

    Christmas didn’t happen yet, but the days before are pretty awsome :]. Tomorrow should be a VERY BIG day!! 😀 Caroling was awsome fun. I hope the adults weren’t scared of us.

  3. You know, you can break the ice too… 😉

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