Posted by: gotjukies | December 23, 2008

Christmas 2008 at The LoFT

‘Twas the night of RYM’s Christmas Party and all through The LoFT,

Not a creature was idle because the party was going off!

Instead of red stockings. our Advent wreath was fully lit,

And the room was covered in decorations, every last little bit.

Armed with wrapping paper, three teams squared off in a ‘wrapping fight’,

To see who could wrap up a friend most carefully, what a way to start off the night.

Displayed in full glamor was the banquet fit for a king,

From scrumptious snacks to carefully crafted confections, Oh the things people did bring.

On cozy couches, the guests were all gathered,

To hear of Mickey’s Christmas Carol and the parts of Christmas that mattered.

Gifts were exchanged and identities were revealed, a certain surprise for some,

“It’s not the gift; it’s the giving, I’m just glad you were able to come.”

Is what I overheard amid the laughter and talk that filled the air.

I could not help but smile because these people really do care!

When the evening finally drew to a close, and I locked up and turned off the light,

Voices from a car behind me yelled, “Merry Christmas! I hope you have a good night.”

And you know what? They were right: I had a great night!

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  1. @Joanna:

    You know, the only problem with you doing an awesome job with the camera is that you’re not in any of the shots 😦

  2. nice poem. i approve of this message

  3. LAWL. I approve too, very very creative

    @ Jonathan: YEAH, what matters most is that I gots awsome shots :D.

  4. AND OHMYGOODNESS I have to mention that Elaine’s gingerbread cookies were wonderfulicious. I ate them for two days as a part of my incomplete breakfast n.n. yum.

  5. I second the gingerbread cookies. They were pretty durn awesome looking and tasting.

  6. elaine always comes through with awesome food : D

    (the pumpkin bread from thanksgiving was also spectacular)

  7. agreed. elaine can bake for me anytime she wants to :[)

  8. @Kathleen,
    i do not understand your emotocon :[) please clarify (lol)
    nice poem btw jonathan

  9. it’s a biiiig grin

  10. O.O it’s two hours after dinner and I’m in a tryptophan coma. *rubs stomach happily*

  11. @Matt:

    THAT, is the way it should be.

  12. ha! i eated the most turkai

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