Posted by: gotjukies | January 3, 2009

Youth Day at LA Congress is almost here!

— EDIT 1/7/2009 ———————————————————————

These students have been registered to attend Youth Day at LA Congress this year:

1. Joanna

2. Kathleen

3. Fred

4. Kim

5. Patrick

6. Anthony

7. Leah

8. Rodney

9. Chaperone/Driver 1

10. Chaperone/Driver 2

— EDIT 1/3/2009 ———————————————————————

UPDATE: The preliminary numbers are done. Assuming that about 6-7 students will be attending youth day and that we will have 1-2 parents that are able to chaperone, the total out of pocket cost per student breaks down like this:

  • Travel Fees: $65-$75 (includes gas and hotel stay)
  • Youth Day Registration: Free (covered by our Fall Bake Sale)
  • Money for food: $60 (about five full meals and snacks in between)
  • Disneyland: $65-$75 (depending if we can qualify for a non-profit rate)
  • Disneyland (non-profit rate): $56


Happy Christmas again!

(I love saying that to people and they give me this weird look: “umm, Christmas was Dec. 25th”)

Not for us!

Anyways, on to very important matters. Registration for Youth Day at LA Congress does not end until February 1st, but every year so far, they’ve filled up by mid-January. To avoid the risk of getting left behind, if you are interested in going this year, please check your calendars and let me know by Thursday, January 1st if you are planning on coming. I would like to register by next weekend to make sure we have spots for us in the workshops.

The dates and loose itinerary are as follows:

1. Depart on Wednesday, February 25th (Ash Wednesday) in the afternoon by parent drivers

2. Arrive and check-in at an Anaheim hotel close to the Convention Center

3. Thursday, February 26th: Attend all day Youth Day activites, workshops, and mass at the Anaheim Convention Center

4. Wake up early and do a “Disneyland Run” until the early afternoon. (The convention center is literally across the street from Disneyland)

5. Return home on Friday, February 27th by late evening.

More details, information, permission forms, and total costs will be available in the next few days. Adults wishing to help drive and chaperone are welcome to contact me for more information at

By committing to coming, RYM will cover the $20 registration fee for you to hold your spot (covered by funds from our Fall Bake Sale). Cancellations will result in the $20 fee being billed to you. First come, first serve.

This is a great opportunity to meet thousands of other students that believe as much as you do, see awesome performances by critically acclaimed bands, and attend workshops that talk directly to people your age. Check out for more information on Youth Day and the Adult Conference that follows it. We also have an information packet in The LoFT.



  1. FIRST

    Ahhh!! Kathleen and I were talking about this! I’m so excited, my parents said I could go, so I’m going!


  2. Thanks for gettin’ back to me so fast…

    You’re on the list.

  3. ahhhh this is so exciting!

  4. I really want to go, but i have a big speech and debate competition on the day after we get back, so i will be contemplating deeply whether or not to go

    happy christmas too

  5. in theory i have permission, but my mom’ll need those more details before it’s locked down

  6. @Kathleen:

    I’ve been working on the numbers all day…

    Hopefully I’ll have it done by Monday.

  7. Nooooooooooooooo! I think I’m busy then…. T_T

  8. i am officially possibly going

  9. Hey this is Leah Di Pol,
    If it is not to late, I can go, and would love to!

  10. Hi Leah!

    Welcome to our blog! I’ll see if THE deadline has passed and see if I can add you late. I’ll let you know either way.

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years.

  11. WAIT why is the information for Disneyland crossed out now?

  12. Oh no sorry, disregard my other comment, I understand now 🙂

  13. check out the very next line…

  14. =____=

    did we find drivers yet????

  15. Not yet. That’s the next key part.

  16. I am totally excited for this to happen. Completely. This will be the best senior-year trip EVAHH…

  17. No Im not going sorry…

  18. aaahhh sheikey.

  19. ahh man. that’s too bad. i was looking forward to see you run amok in Disneyland… and accidentally mow over some 3 year old

  20. ahh me too

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