Posted by: gotjukies | January 30, 2009

…and we’re baaaaaack!

What up everybody?!

After a loooong two week hiatus, RYM is back in action. Our schedule remains the same for the time being:

Study Hall Drop-Ins:

  • Mondays & Thursdays – 2:00pm – 7:00pm

Teen Topic Discussion / Scripture Study:

  • Thursdays – 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Sunday Night Live Meetings (S.N.L.):

  • Sundays – 6:45pm – 8:30pm

Special thanks to the members of the Youth Band & Choir that planned, decorated, and executed a surprise ‘welcome back’ mini-celebration. I admit I was caught off-guard. But only this one time…


I have to admit, I look pretty good for having four stomachs


Anyways, some updates on upcoming events…

First, our Ice Skating/Broomball event has been pushed back about a month to March 14th. PLEASE throw it on your calendars ASAP. We want to get as many people (up to 20) to come out as possible. I will also be inviting teens from St. Joe’s in Cupertino so it should be a lot of fun.


Lastly, for LA Congress, we still need to secure at least one more parent chaperone who is willing to drive. PLEASE check and see if any of your parents are willing to drive. A male and and female chaperone would be ideal, but if necessary, one female parent chaperone would be acceptable (I would act as the male chaperone). Please check ASAP as I need to book the final hotel rooms for me and the chaperones.

See y’all on Sunday!




  1. FIRST!!!
    wow, i can’t believe how much i missed this!!!!
    hi hi hi hi hi everyone!!

  2. you would be first.

    : P

    yay I love posting on the blog : DDD

  3. i may or may not have been checking this periodically over the last two weeks 😛

  4. yeah yeah yeah….I know, I was slacking for almost all of January

    but do you smell that? change is-a-comin’

    and no, it’s not of the I-had-a-burrito-for-lunch type of change

  5. Ah! i miss these blogs. I’m very happy everyone’s back!

    haha, and now that photos are up, we can move the cow picture so it’s less frightening for future visitors (lol).

  6. wait, we *don’t* want to scare away the new visitors?!

  7. @Nick:

    well, not yet. we want them to become so entrenched with youth group that they can’t decide if they’re more scared to be without it, or be at it. lol

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