Posted by: gotjukies | March 9, 2009

Happy 10,000th hit at the The ResTRoom!


Can you believe it?! It’s only been 10 months since the first post here at The Resurrection Teen Room Blog and we’ve already eclipsed the 10,000th hit mark! Thanks to all who have made this online portal an integral part of our ministry and communication hub.

Stay tuned for updates to the calendar…



  1. i bet at least 200 hits of those 10000 are mine, and prbly 5000 of them are Kathleen’s

  2. I’m gonna have to completely agree with Geoff on this one. but don’t worry K, this way The ResTRoom is never lonely

    for all you techie nerds out there, the counter is an IP address based counter and resets every 24hrs. so any refreshing the page from the same computer only counts as one hit per 24hrs.

  3. oh ah mm yeah . . . i do check this daily so yeaaah . . . it is never lonely 🙂

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