Posted by: gotjukies | March 9, 2009

Ice Skating & Broomball Bonanza!!!

— EDIT 3/09/2009 —

Are you signed up yet?! If not, you’d better get your forms and fees into the RYM office before space runs out!


Alright everyone… it’s goin’ down…

Mark your calendars: on March 14th from 10:00pm to 11:00pm all high-school students from both Resurrection Parish and St. Joseph’s Parish in Cupertino are invited to come out to the Ice Center at Vallco Mall and run amuck waving brooms at each other!

If you haven’t played broomball before –no sweat! All you need to do is dress warm and bring comfortable shoes that have decent soles (grip) and are easy to run in. Ever operate a broom before? Ever seen a soccer or hockey match before? Then you’re all set!

The cost for one hour of crazy heart-pounding action is $15 and that covers the cost of ice time rental (it’s a private game just for us!) and equipment usage. Because we’re limited to 20 spots, please turn in your permission forms and check or cash to your youth minister ASAP. Payment is required to hold your spot.

Forms and more information can be found in the Forms section or here:


And for those of you who are a little more adventurous, RYM will be lacing up our skates and hitting the ice BEFORE broomball starts from 8pm-10pm. Cost of admission and skate rentals is $10. This is NOT a private event. It is a public skate session open to all so ALL AGES ARE WELCOME. Admission can be paid at the door.

Come on out, meet some new friends, and have a blast watching me crash into the walls.



  1. FIRST

    I should start making my check-list.

    Step 1) Get papers in
    Step 2) Purchase protective gear for possibility of crashing into walls

  2. whoooooooooooooooooooo

  3. sounds like teh fun

  4. How’s DC and the gram-ma-ma?

  5. idk if i can go or not, i might be busy… 😦
    why am i always busy, sigh…

  6. you’re always busy cuz you DA MAN

  7. Hey so I know I signed up to go but it turns out my brother has Drum Line Finals that night so I can’t, =(. sorry

  8. boooooo on you too

    it’s cuz i smell funny huh? i get it…

  9. It was awesome!

  10. @Nick:

    Yes, yes it was. Epic really…

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