Posted by: gotjukies | March 22, 2009

RYM Sponsored Lenten Soup Supper

3/22/2009 — UPDATES:

Hey guys (and gals),

We’re only FIVE days out now so here are some last minute details:

1. We need about 8-10 people to help staff the kitchen before and during the soup supper. Please confirm with Jonathan so he can make sure you are signed up. Also, let him know if you need still need additional community service hours.

2. Please arrive by 5:30pm in the kitchen. Things to do before soup supper begins:

  • Warm-up the oven
  • Slice oranges/lemons
  • Setup tables
  • Cover tables with butcher paper
  • Set donation basket out
  • Receive pots of soup from parishioners as they bring them in (keep them warm in the kitchen)
  • Fill pitchers of water
  • Set out bowls, napkins, plasticware
  • Cut up the bread (if there is any)

3. During the actual soup supper we will need help serving the soup, seating the elderly in our community, and keeping an eye on anything that might need replenshing (e.g. water, napkins, etc.)

4. Clean-up: If you can’t make it before 6:30pm, I would encourage you to come anytime before 7:30pm to help clean up and tear down. We HAVE to leave Farana Center and the kitchen the SAME WAY we found it. I know, I should’ve been a wood shop instructor. Lol. We should be outta there by 8:00pm if we all chip in.

Lastly, please please please donate a pot of soup if you are able to. If you aren’t willing to cook, there are plenty of adults who are willing and all you have to do is kindly ask them. It’s for a good cause after all. Remember:

  • Vegeterian Soups only (no meat)
  • Pots are OK, but crock pots are BEST (we have no access to the stove so plugging in a crock pot is ideal)
  • Feel free to bring a soup ladle for serving but PLEASE LABEL it. We want to make sure it doesn’t become a permanent resident of the Resurrection Kitchen (or The LoFT).
  • To serve the average crowd, we will need 12-15 pots of soup.
  • Please remind anyone who is bringing soup to bring it anytime between 5:30pm-6:30pm to the kitchen in the Farana Center.

I’m looking forward to serving our community and having fun all at the same time. Oh yeah, it’s possible… just wait and see!


Hey everyone,

As we journey through this Lenten season together, we have an opportunity to help out the parish community in which we are as much of a part of as any other ministry at Resurrection. For the first time EVER, Resurrection Youth Ministry has been handed the distinction of sponsoring a Lenten Soup Supper. Our date is Friday, March 27th and if you’ve never been to one before, it is quite an undertaking. Lenten Soup Suppers occur every Friday during Lent after stations of the cross and serve anywhere between 50 to 100 people! We’ll definitely be needing YOUR help! So two things to do for now:

1. Mark your calendars for Friday, March 27th from 5:30pm – 8:00pm

2. Check with your parents or any one else who would be willing to donate a pot of yummy delicious (vegetarian) soup. More details to follow.

That’s it for now! Remember that Lent is not just a season of fasting and ‘giving up things’ but also being open and serving our communities.




  1. w00t will for sure be there!

  2. FIRST just ’cause geoff forgotted 🙂
    booo i won’t be there
    but you guys will be the best soup supper ever, i’m sure

  3. boooooooooooooo

  4. SOUP PARTY!!!

  5. count me in!


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