Posted by: gotjukies | April 28, 2009

RYM Band puts on a show for the 8th grade confirmation students

Bringing the energy and excitement that RYM is known for, the RYM Band was invited by Faith Formation to provide the musical backdrop for the annual 8th confirmation retreat. And boy did we ever bring it… the whole nine yards. With drums, guitar, bass, backup vocalists, the entire PA system, and even someone working the live sound board, the RYM Band rocked the retreat with hits such a ‘Deep & Wide’, ‘Let the River Flow’ and ‘Trading My Sorrows’. We also provided music for the noontime liturgy and gave the confirmation students a taste of what the 5:30pm mass is like. After lunch, just because we could, we busted out the electric guitar and distortion and gave everyone in the crowd a chance to be backup vocalists in our rousing version of ‘Ocean Avenue’ by Yellowcard.

Thanks to everyone who spent their Saturday morning showing the confirmation students what life after confirmation can be like. Also, special thanks to Nicholas and Ariana for being guest speakers, and Matt for running the sound board.




(due to rules restricting photos to only be available online with consent, only photos with high school members are available online)


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