Posted by: gotjukies | April 28, 2009

Scintillating Simmering Soups –A Success!!!

Soup anyone?

Soup anyone?

What a way for RYM to show what the season of Lent meant to us! Thanks to everyone who came on out with a pot of soup on March 27th. Besides the soups actually being edible (jk), the amount of work everyone put in was absolutely awesome! From dishwashers, to fruit slicing, to serving the soup, to setup and cleanup, to spending time with parishioners and sharing conversation with them, each and every volunteer contributed to the overall success. Don’t forget that! And in case you were losing sleep wondering about this, we received very positive feedback from many of those who attended the soup supper. I think we really showed ourselves (and the parish community) how Lent can bring us all together to help serve each other. It’s just one of the ways we prepared ourselves for this glorious season of Easter. Alleluia! He is risen!

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  1. FIRST!
    take that, kathleen!
    and you too, girlfriend.


  2. love the alliteration,

  3. thanks!

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