Posted by: gotjukies | September 24, 2009

Looking for some answers? Got a burning question?

Back by popular demand, our Teen Topic Discussion / Bible Study kicks off again and is available every Thursday from 7:00pm – 8:30pm (note the time change; we kept running over last year so we’ve extended it).

TTD/BS is an opportunity for you to be in a safe environment where you can ask questions about your faith or life issues without the fear of being put-down, sounding ‘dumb’, or being ‘wrong’. It’s simply an open forum where we discuss issues that teens encounter every day like peer pressure, relationships, and drugs & alcohol. We generally start off with a brief prayer, some thought provoking quotes, and short writings e.g. poetry before we dive into the topic of the evening. Often we end with a short 15 minute prayer service and reflection time for journal writing.

If you’ve never been to a session before, I HIGHLY recommend you try it out. You’ll hear other teens and young adult volunteers share their life stories in a way that might reveal how much we all really DO have in common with each other. Last year’s group really found the sessions to help them along on their faith journey. Who knows, it might just help you…



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