Posted by: gotjukies | October 13, 2009

RYM is gonna be styyyyylin’ with its 2009 t-shirts!

Our 2009 t-shirt designs have been approved are in production! Check out the samples from below:

Preview-11     Preview-02

We ordered the color combination you see above, and also the same design in light green with dark, forest green writing.

If you’d like to order one or both color combinations, please email us at with your t-shirt size (unisex sizing). T-shirts are $18.00 a piece for RYM members. Please note that we will NOT be able to order your t-shirt until we receive payment. Please make checks out to Church of The Resurrection and in the memo line write “Youth Ministry”. Non-RYM members can also receive a FREE t-shirt with a $25.00 (or more) donation to our ministry program.

Shoot us an email or post a comment if you have any questions. I can’t wait to see our new threads!



  1. Whooot! The shirts are so cute! I miss you all!!!

  2. Love the clever name!

    Reminds me of the alien trying to beam up a sleeping kid to pass his abduction exam. I think it was the Pixar short-film before the movie Ratatouille.

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