Posted by: gotjukies | November 3, 2009

2nd Annual Post-Thanksgiving Potluck… NOM NOM


One of the highlights of RYM every year is our annual post-Thanksgiving potluck dinner. This year’s monstrosity of a meal will take place on Sunday, November 29th after the 5:30pm mass. Like last year, our feast will be modeled somewhat after mass: we’ll split up into teams and plan our prayers, readings, grace, and food preparation before we all sit down together -with the operative word being “sit” here- and enjoy nothing but the sounds of food being passed around, cheerful conversation, and a nice relaxing evening of just ‘chilling’.

Like last year, it’s a semi-formal event. So, just no t-shirts, flip flops, or hats. Jeans are cool… Please bring one main dish to share with everyone. We’ll be expecting 12-15 people. Feel free to invite a friend!




  1. Boooo, I leave Sunnyvale that morning! Have fun everyone! Eat some good foodstuffs for me!

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