Posted by: gotjukies | February 16, 2010

30 Hour Famine Lenten Lock-In

** UPDATE 2/23/2010 11:59pm **

The full schedule and forms are finally all up on the blog… Sorry for the delay; it’s been hectic around here! You can download the Forms here, or get them directly at:

Information Sheet

Code of Conduct & Permission Form

And remember, even if you can’t do the overnight lock-in, come to Stations of the Cross and Lenten Soup Supper anyway!!!

See you on Friday…


Ok, everyone… are you ready for the defining RYM event this year?! Join us as we kick off our first annual 30 Hour Famine Lenten Lock-In.

What is a 30 Hour Famine?

It’s an overnight lock-in retreat where participants spend 30 straight hours fasting on nothing but water and juice.

Why would anyone want to fast for 30 hours?

As a simple way to remind ourselves of the hunger and malnutrition that plagues populations of children all over the world. Did you know that a child dies every six seconds from malnutrition?

What’s involved in a 30 Hour Famine Lock-In?

It’s like a regular lock-in, but of course, we will be fasting for over 24 hours. The activities, games, and videos will be geared towards helping us reflect on those who are go hungry every day in the world. We’ll have amazingly profound activities such as prayer walks, candle prayer services, and cross building as arts & crafts. As part of our community service project for the lock-in, we’ll be leading prayer in the Stations of the Cross and then serving at the Lenten Soup Supper.

What am I gonna get out of a lock-in like this?

Hopefully, all participants will get a new and different perspective of something we tend to take for granted in our daily lives. Struggling to make it through just 30 hours as a group will undoubtedly strengthen friendships, test your own will and self-determination, and perhaps inspire you to be more compassionate and pro-active in dealing with hunger issues in the world.

When is it?

The fasting will begin at 1:00pm (after your lunch) on Friday, February 26th. We will gather as a group at 4:30pm that afternoon at The LoFT and our time together will begin then. The overnight lock-in will end on Saturday, February 27th at 8:00pm –after we all share a meal together to break the fast.

Stay tuned to the blog for more a more detailed schedule. The final schedule should be available by this weekend.

How much does the lock-in cost?

Only 10.00 a person to cover supplies and materials for activities.

Who is allowed to attend?

All students currently in high school. RYM and non-RYM members alike. Code of conduct, permission forms, and medical forms of course must be on file.

It is going to be AMAZING… DON’T MISS OUT!!! Put the dates on your calendar NOW.


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