Posted by: gotjukies | February 1, 2011

Resurrection hosted Armory Dinner urgently needs your help

From the 1/30/2011 bulletin:

Resurrection St. Vincent de Paul has arranged to serve dinner to the homeless on Saturday, February 12. Several volunteers have kindly contacted Claudia to sign-up to prepare a dish. However we are in need of more parishioners to
volunteer. We expect to serve up to 140 individuals. If you would like to help out please call Claudia at (408) 733-4186 for more information about the menu or to sign-up. For planning and logistic purposes, the earlier that we hear from volunteers the easier it will be to put everything into place for the dinner. Please note that this will be the last dinner that we will prepare this winter.

They more specifically need our help in preparing a meal and than bringing it to the Armory to be served. If you would also like to serve, I would contact Claudia right away as there are only 12 volunteer slots available. Although we all serve the needy because it is the right thing to do, service hours are available for those who are keeping track for school activities.

Please contact Claudia for more information on the meals.



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