Posted by: gotjukies | March 29, 2011

Stations of the Cross and Lenten Soup Supper – sponsored by RYM

Hi everyone,

Hope your Lenten journey has been one full of prayer and reflection. As we’ve announced at the last two S.N.L. meetings, RYM is signed up to sponsor the Stations of the Cross and Lenten Soup Supper this Friday from 6:00pm until 8:30pm. I don’t know how else to make this mean more when I type it but: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

For those of you that have participated before, you already know how much coordination and teamwork it takes to pull off these two events that our parish community is counting on us for! Here’s a rundown of all the help we need:

  • Prayer leaders (readers) for the fourteen stations of the cross (we need multiple readers so we can switch off)
  • Altar servers who would like to process with the cross and maybe even the candles to further enhance the devotional prayer atmosphere
  • Tech person to operate the projector slideshow
  • A few singers to help sing the responses for each station
  • Several strong people to help setup chairs and tables in Farana Center for the soup supper
  • Cover all tables with butcher paper as tablecloths
  • Help in the kitchen
    • Cutting oranges and lemons
    • Filling pitchers of drinking water for the tables
    • Sorting spoons and soup bowls
    • Warming up and serving loaves of bread
    • Laying out all the pots of soup ahead of time
  • Serving soup to our community
  • *Helping to provide a total of 12-15 pots of soup*
  • Helping to teardown and clean up Farana Center after the soup supper is over

Obviously, having enough soup to serve everyone is very important. If you cannot attend but are able to donate a pot of soup, please consider doing so. Simply drop off your pot of soup after 6:00pm in Farana Center clearly marked with tape and marker 1) your name and 2) what kind of soup you prepared (umm, no meat, yeah?). If both you and your parents enjoy cooking, how about cooking two pots of soup?

Please contact the RYM office at or (408) 490-0575 and let us know if you’ll be able to help.

Together, we can do anything… and have a whole lot of fun at the same time 🙂


For those of you who are new to praying Stations of the Cross at Resurrection, every Friday during Lent, Resurrection hosts a devotional prayer time in the main church at 6:00pm. Members of the community follow Via Crucis or “The Way of the Cross” by praying and meditating on the fourteen stations of the cross. The fourteen stations of the cross remind us of Christ’s journey to the cross and ultimately his crucifixion.

Immediately following the Stations of the Cross, a simple soup supper is provided free of charge. Donations are accepted to be given to a charity chosen by the hosts of the supper (Resurrection Youth Ministry in this case). The soup supper typically begins around 7:00pm and lasts until 8:00pm or 8:30pm.


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